Harmony And Lacy Just Couldn't Get Loose

Release Date: Jul.22.2019
Running Time: 0:51:2
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Harmony Wonder, Lacy Lennon

When Harmony Wonder returned to her office, she was mystified by the strands of rope lying on her desk. Their purpose became shockingly clear when a hooded man emerged from the shadows to seize Harmony, then tie her hands behind her and gag the stunned secretary with cloth and duct- tape! After pinning Harmony's arms to her body by coiling rope around her chest, he left her seated on the floor, ankles and knees bound, with her back against the desk. While he roamed around the office, Harmony strained frantically against her bonds until she rolled onto her side; her nightmare continued when he returned to pick up his prey and carry her away.

A few hours later at a nearby apartment, Lacy Lennon was relaxing on her bed in top and shorts after a demanding day at work. Her mellow evening came to an abrupt conclusion when a familiar figure appeared, then bound and gagged her in a style nearly identical to his first recruit. Before taking Lacy to join Harmony as participants in his bizarre online venture, The Bondage Casino, he elicited a spirited response to restraint by arranging a hogtie for the barefoot redhead.

Trussed up and tape-gagged, two apprehensive young women listened in disbelief as their mysterious host explained his motive for whisking them away from their pleasant lives. Harmony and Lacy would be rivals in a contest to see which one would be the first to free herself from bondage; while they struggled, viewers of this carefully-hidden online event would wager large amounts of money trying to guess the winner. If they put plenty of energy into their efforts to escape, both would be released, perhaps even with a modest monetary reward. Bound in bright red bra and panties, Lacy sat on the floor against a patterned cloth mound and gazed at Harmony, who returned her nervous glances while squirming a few feet away in black lingerie. Once the program began, the barefoot girls strained intensively against ropes that clung to them with frustrating firmness; Harmony curled onto her hip while Lacy stretched out her legs and twisted furiously. When it became clear that both would remain snared, the hooded man declared no contest but assured his viewers that the enticing contestants would have another opportunity to battle against bondage.

That opportunity arrived after the stars of this strange contest were more conservatively clothed, with Lacy in a short red-and-white-dotted dress and Harmony in an ankle-length red gown. Their colorful garments coiled with rope and their lips spread with scarves, the barefoot pair stood against white drapery as they strained carefully against their bonds. When the master of ceremonies became impatient at the nervous contestant's lack of progress, he moved them onto high chairs with the hope that they'd writhe more confidently while seated. Gagged with microfoam tape and webbed to the chairs, Harmony and Lacy exerted commendable energy during their knot- loosening exertions, yet were defeated once again by the ropework that had perhaps been too generously applied.

From fully-clothed to no clothes at all -- bound naked and tape- gagged, Harmony knelt on a low platform while Lacy sat in nude restraint on a large red chair. The contest's creator was worried that profits would disappear along with disgruntled gamblers if an exciting outcome didn't ensue but neither girl could apparently overcome her restrictive condition. Bare- skinned struggling would undoubtedly retain attention, so he exhorted his subjects to draw on their physical resources like never before. Their commitment was beyond reproach, as Harmony demonstrated by arching athletically after she was hogtied while watching Lacy maneuver once she'd been moved into a kneeling position on the chair. Ropework prevailed for the third time, however, and this episode of Bondage Casino concluded unsatisfyingly when the man in black and his crew disappeared. Lacy and Harmony were left in the abandoned location to be rescued by responders who'd received an anonymous call about a pair of bound and gagged nudes.

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