Bound And Gagged At Midnight

Release Date: Apr.03.2017
Running Time: 0:48:11
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Misty Lovelace, Kenna James, Ryan Ryans, Melody Wylde, Harley Jameson, Megan Sage, Ashley Lane

Just another day on the job for cat-burglar Kenna James, who surprises cute little Misty Lovelace as she slumbers, then treats her tied and tape-gagged prey to a course in feline domination! As Misty sits on the edge of her bed in pink teddy and panties, Kenna kneels behind her and gleefully fondles her small body. But her enthusiasm reaches its peak after Misty's rolled onto her stomach, so that the naughty cat can tickle her soft bare soles and spank her round bottom! Her greed and lust satisfied, Kenna slips away, leaving bound and gagged Misty to roll around on the bed.

We're not sure if Misty's responsible, but Kenna pays for her pleasure with a dose of humiliating bondage that subdues her black suit with taut coils of white rope! Her lush lips spread by a knotted cleave-gag, the cat hisses while sitting hitched to a massage table; she grows even more agitated after her breasts and feet are bared! Kenna's spirit seems subdued once she kneels and whimper in symbolic submission on the table.

Clad in a tight blue dress, beautiful Ryan Ryans sits restrained and apprehensive on a wooden chest, her eyes wide above a duct-tape gag! Ryan's tightly bound with black rope coiled around her ankles, knees, wrists and torso; she's powerless to prevent her rope-framed breasts from being exposed. The lovely blonde's bondage concludes with Ryan lying hogtied on a nearby couch, her high-arched bare feet drawn up close to her hands!

Petite brunette Melody Wylde and slender blonde Harley Jameson are making out on a bed when they're surprised and bound in their colorful nighties! Gagged with white tape, Harley and Melody at first sit anxiously side-by-side against the be's headboard, but soon wriggle close to a window and open the curtain. The only attention they, attract, however, comes from the intruder, who leaves the barefoot pair neatly hogtied!

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