Green And Queen: Diminutive Detained Detectives

Release Date: Oct.09.2017
Running Time: 0:41:8
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Phoebe Queen, Gracie May Green

Meet Gracie May Green and Phoebe Queen -- together they're the Green- Queen Detective Agency! Gracie and Phoebe are sweet and intelligent young ladies but they may have chosen the wrong line of work because they do tend to get tied up and gagged a lot! Take, for example, their latest case, which has pitted them against a black-hearted character who ransacks their office after bespectacled little Gracie is safely bound to her chair and silenced with a bandanna-gag. When Phoebe discovers her partner struggling in bondage, the intruder pounces, ties her hands behind her, gags her in similar fashion, then coils rope around her breasts! After perching Phoebe on the desk, he politely suggests that she and Gracie drop this explosive case, then drives home his message by hogtying the dark-haired detective and briefly tickling her bare feet! As Phoebe wriggles on top of the desk and Gracie twists in the chair, they realize that they've made a formidable enemy but refuse to be intimidated!

Oh, oh, this doesn't look good for our heroines -- Phoebe's trapped in ropes again! Gagged with duct-tape and snugly tied up in a pink blouse and black skirt, barefoot Phoebe sits on a low platform and apprehensively eyes an alarming sight. It's that hooded nemesis again and this time he's carrying a bound and tape- gagged Gracie into the room! After placing the spunky PI next to her partner, he secures her ankles before once again lecturing them about their lamentable decision to continue working on the case. When they remain defiant, the villain enthusiastically continues his campaign of attitude adjustment by baring Phoebe's breasts and hogtying Gracie, who displays her contempt for his ruthless measures by vigorous arching her small body!

No, matters haven't improved for Green and Queen, who stubbornly continued to work their case; unfortunately, they've once again fallen into the clutches of the operative who's dedicated to showing them the error of their ways! Stripped to black bras and panties, Gracie and Phoebe stand bound and ball-gagged in a forbidding dark room replete with skulls, flasks of mysterious chemicals and ancient books. Balancing barefoot, the anxious pair strains against ropework more than sufficient to render them powerless as their lingerie is rearranged to bare their breasts and pussies! Before leaving the dazed detectives to reconsider their options, the creative creep repositions them facing each other on a chair so that Gracie spreads her legs to straddle the seated Phoebe!

It's never satisfying to see vice triumph over virtue, but how else could the surrender of these two fine young women be characterized? The mysterious figure celebrates his victory by towering over the naked and tape-gagged detectives as they stand side-by-side with their bound wrists raised overhead to a hanging chain. But he saves the nastiest expression of his domination for last: As Phoebe and Gracie kneel on a mattress, their hands are pinned behind each other so that the couple's secured in an awkward embrace. Most significantly, their wrists are connected by ropes passing between their legs in close contact with their most sensitive regions! The petite partners tug against their bonds in frustration at first, but as the rope- link continues to stimulate their erogenous zones, Gracie and Phoebe leave anguish behind to discover a new level of companionship! Perhaps they've reached a happy ending after all!

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