A Case Of Hunters Becoming the Hunted!

Release Date: Mar.02.2020
Running Time: 0:40:55
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning, Eden Wells

Detective Holly Manning is determined to entrap a long-time troublemaker both for personal and professional reasons, so she enlists Eden Wells to assist her. Eden carries out her task courageously by walking around an area where she'll catch the evildoer's eye. But Detective Manning's plan takes a troubling turn when Eden's seized and held in bondage; standing with her arms tied above her head to a beam in a cavernous living-room, the tape-gagged MILF balances anxiously on sandalled feet. She's not alone for long, however, because the Detective's been outwitted by the target of her investigation and soon stands next to Eden, bound wrists also raised overhead and lips sealed with tape. Although the bound and gagged women grapple awkwardly with the suspended ropes in an attempt to escape, they remain under the control of the egotistical villain.

After they're temporarily untied and reclothed in tight tops and pants, Holly and Eden undergo tape bondage that pins their arms behind their backs and holds their ankles together. Duct-tape gags also muffle their voices, of course, and their side-by-side struggles on beanbag chairs receive the contemptuous attention of the man who Detective Manning expected to arrest. There's no question that he admires both women's feet, because after removing their sandals he takes turns raising their legs for a better display of their elegant arches and pointed toes; their indignant gag-stifled protests merely amuse him.

Back to rope for Holly and Eden, who sit chairbound in eye-catching dresses, their lips spread by white cloth gags. Detective Manning is especially alluring in a snug blue dress whose color matches her toenail polish; straining against a rope web that refuses to loosen, her angry eyes express hatred for the man who tricked her that her voice is unable to convey. But it's Eden who takes the initiative in a long- shot attempt to free themselves once she and Holly rotate the wooden chairs that were originally back-to-back. After slipping off her sandals and loosening her ankle ropes, she raises her bare feet to pluck at the detective's bonds; when she's caught, however, a new coil around Holly's waist connects to Eden's ankles and leaves her legs frozen in place on her friend's lap.

No escape anytime soon for Holly and Eden, who are tightly trussed-up once again, tape-gagged and seated facing each other on a long black couch. While they twist in rope and try to find a minimally comfortable position the barefoot women roll onto their hips and make feeble efforts to loosen each other's bonds with bare toes. But the triumphant cad has a final move in mind for his unfortunate guests -- after picking up Eden in his arms, he carries her to a small brick seat next to a blazing fireplace. Detective Holly soon joins her on the other side of the fireplace, where both battle stubborn ropework while they reflect on the abject failure of a promising project long after he's gone. 

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