Good Girls Gagged By Bad Guys

Release Date: Sep.17.2018
Running Time: 0:50:21
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Maya Bijou, Xeena Mae, Lily Adams, Alex De La Flor, Emily Willis,

Tied onto a long-legged wooden chair, enticing Emily Willis was powerless to prevent a hooded figure from stuffing cloth into her mouth, then securing it with duct-tape! The dark, skull-infested room intensified Emily's anxiety as her arms and legs resisted the ropework that controlled her body. Emily's apprehension increased when her shorts were pulled down to bare her bottom and her ankles were tethered to the chair, then reached its peak when the mysterious man returned to mischievously tilt back her chair!

Dark-haired sprite Maya Bijou and playful redhead Xeena Mae were cuddling naked on the bed when their day took a swerve into restrictive territory. Seated side-by-side and tightly bound, the lovers trembled while they were gagged with cloth-stuffing and duct-tape. After they were left alone, Maya and Xeena worked feverishly to free themselves until their ankles were hitched separately to the bedposts. With their legs frustratingly controlled, the trussed-up pair rolled back and forth and raised their toe-tied bare feet as they tugged against the rope- links!

Innocent Lily Adams fell prey to the scheme of a greedy desperado, who mouth-stuffed and tape-gagged the already bound girl after seating her on a couch, then taped her knees and ankles together! Lily energetically tested her bondage but wasn't alone for long because the disguised man returned with her friend Alex De La Flor in his clutches; tiny Alex was gagged in the same ruthless manner. Struggling together on the couch, they failed in an attempt to loosen each other's bonds, then Alex slipped onto the floor and maneuvered her wrists so that Lilly could pluck at them with her bare toes!

But Alex and Lily remained under the evildoer's control; stripped to their shorts, they sat bare-breasted on the floor, hitched separately to the legs of a secretarial desk. Although they were granted a few moments of anxious conversation, tape-gags quickly silenced the helpless friends, who twisted back and forth on their hips until their big toes were tied together! With their legs immobilized, Alex and Lily's soles became the focus of a disciplinary moment.

Naked, gagged and blindfolded, Lily and Alex were led into a small dark room; although their wrists were tied behind them and their breasts framed by rope, their legs were free. So although the unfortunate girls were vulnerable and disoriented, they were able to maneuver and attempt to free themselves, until their vicious captor removed the blindfolds and seated them on a mattress with their ankles tied. Then the shameless man ordered them to kneel and press their breasts together; when the show was over, Alex and Lily were left squirming in hogties -- but their situation was not as hopeless as he believed! 

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