One Good Break-In Deserves Another

Release Date: Oct.22.2018
Running Time: 0:47:24
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Gracie May Green, Lola Pearl

A nice comfortable bed and a lithe brunette beauty relaxing in bright red lingerie -- what could possibly go wrong with this picture? Oh, that's right -- the little cat-burglar sneaking into the room with a handful of rope! Once a stunned Lola Pearl was tightly bound, mischievous Gracie May Green dangled a pair of ball- gags in front of her before securing the red one between her lips. While her partner vacuumed up valuables, Gracie entertained herself by tweaking Lola's nipples, then rolling the roped-up plaything onto her stomach so that her soles were available for tickling and her bottom for spanking! When it was time to leave, the petite thief flaunted a string of pearls before helpless Lola's eyes, then left her to squirm. For Gracie, the game was over and she'd won big, but the humiliated Lola wasn't about to stop playing!

Dedicated to revenge, Lola transformed herself into a cat-burglar for her mission against Gracie. The petite girl had no partner to assist her when Lola struck, so she was quickly overpowered and bound; once she was gagged with cloth-stuffing and duct-tape, it was time for payback! Gracie's demure appearance belied her secret larcenous career but Lola showed her no mercy, first removing her glasses, then pulling open the trembling captive's top to indulge in nipple-tweaking. After pushing Gracie onto her stomach, Lola removed her heels and tickled her soft little soles; a few swats on her bottom reminded Gracie of her own spanking escapade! Left briefly alone, Gracie struggled desperately on the couch, certain that Lola was just getting started.

The contrast couldn't have been more stark: A tall, black-clad figure towering over her tiny, naked, bound and gagged possession! Her ankles tied together, Gracie stood nervously under Lola's arrogant control as her breasts were fondled and her bare feet menaced by high-heeled back boots. To emphasize Gracie's subjugation, Lola pulled her hair back until she was looking straight up at the masked face smirking down at her a foot above! Exhilarated by her domination, Lola moved Gracie onto a coffee-table, where the once- predatory burglar arched in a hogtie and squealed as her foot- bottoms felt the unwelcome pressure of vibrating fingernails. But Lola had overstayed her welcome and the tables were about to turn again!

When Gracie failed to answer his phone calls, her partner decided to check on her; catching Lola off-guard, he freed the embarrassed nude and put an end to the costumed beauty's vendetta. Once Lola was unmasked and roped in a chair, Gracie returned the favor of cloth-stuffing and duct-tape to seal her lips, then savored her struggling. Gracie hadn't forgotten the restrictive anguish of her hogtie, so Lola was moved to the coffee-table, where her bowed body battled tight rope-work while her delighted enemy sat back and raised a spiked heel close to her face!

Gracie received the day's second shock when her partner coldly informed her that he'd been disappointed to discover her squirming in Lola's bondage. Which is why Gracie stood naked, tied and tape-gagged again, alongside her equally bound and bare-skinned enemy, both hitched to a wooden railing. If she freed herself first, Gracie could remain his partner; if Lola was the first to escape the ropes, she'd have that honor! Twisting in their bonds and rising on their toes, Lola and Gracie exchanged hostile glances and gag-muffled insults during their bizarre competition; first Gracie, then Lola detached the tethers pinning them to the railing, allowing themselves to roll onto the hardwood floor, where they continued their vigorous struggling. Before either could completely loosen their ropes, however, a final surprise derailed their efforts. 

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