Kate Kennedy's Bondage Dreamland

Release Date: Oct.22.2018
Running Time: 0:43:22
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Kate Kennedy

When luscious little blonde Kate Kennedy settled down for a mid- afternoon nap after watching an exciting film that featured a bound and gagged heroine, she discovered that an over-stimulated subconscious may retaliate! Awakening suddenly, Kate gazed in disbelief at the ropes encircling her colorful robe and immobilizing her arms and legs; before she could call for help, her mouth was stuffed with cloth and sealed with duct-tape. Within moments, Kate's robe opened mysteriously to expose her breasts, then the panic- strickened girl rolled around on the bed and kicked up her bare feet in a futile effort to free herself. Kate would soon leave the bed, but her descent into the bondage dreamworld was just beginning.

Suddenly Kate found herself wrapped in a towel and on the run from an implacable villain, but only until she was once again morphed into bound and gagged captivity! Seated on the edge of a spacious bathtub, she strained against rigid ropework and mouthed a pair of knotted black cleave- gags. When the towel fell away, Kate's curvaceous little naked body was revealed, only to slide into the tub, where she wriggled nervously as it began to fill with water! She raised her legs and attempted to turn off the spigot with her toes but Kate wouldn't have to worry about the tub much longer.

Have a seat, Kate -- although it's more accurate to state that the chair possessed her. Kate was neatly dressed in a sleeveless top, short skirt and heels, but her garb was trumped by oppressive ropes and a ball-gag spreading her lips. Frustrated by the bondage that had trapped her over and over, Kate mumbled angrily when her breasts and feet were bared; in the blink of an eye, she knelt precariously on the chair! Balancing carefully and arching her naked soles, the dream-bound damsel fervently wished she were back in that relatively safe seated position.

More vulnerable in her nightmarish drama than ever before, Kate stood naked and bound as mouth-stuffing and duct-tape at the hands of the enigmatic intruder silenced her! The ambiguous stimulus of a crotch-rope was impossible for her to ignore as she twisted carefully on her bare feet and turned toward a window with the slight hope of attracting attention from a passerby. In an instant, the window might as well have been a mile away because Kate lay on her stomach, ruthlessly prostrated by a hogtie; after arching energetically against the wrist-ankle link that refused to give way, the defeated girl lay helpless on her side!

But when you're dreaming, it's possible to escape the inescapable so Kate went on the run again, this time down a steep stairway. She was already tape- gagged and partially bound, however, and with another set of ropes added to her ankles, Kate's small nude body was tethered to a short wooden bench. A link between her chest harness and knees accentuated the restraint that had become the dominant imagery of Kate's sleeping mind -- and would be unlikely to disappear when she awakened! 

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