Giselle And Lily: Rivals With Ropes

Release Date: Sep.24.2017
Running Time: 0:46:10
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Giselle Palmer, Lily LaBeau

When Giselle Palmer flirted with Lily LaBeau's boyfriend, she was bound to regret it!

Giselle Palmer looked irresistible in her sexy student costume, a fact she was well aware of. She'd enjoyed the attention of rival Lily LaBeau's boyfriend at the party -- but the attention Lily paid luscious Giselle afterwards was a very different story! Within moments after confronting Giselle in the bathroom, Lily had her hot little enemy standing tightly trussed as she tied a knotted cleave between her trembling lips! After seating her bound and gagged plaything on a low stool, vengeful Lily eagerly bared and fondled her breasts while ranting at Giselle about the evils of trying to steal another woman's man! Briefly left alone, the intimidated girl strained desperately against her bondage but she'd soon learn that Lily was far from finished with her!

Lily was determined to drive home her message to Giselle -- and perhaps just a bit aroused by her lovely subject's rope-bound squirming -- so she asked a shady friend to provide a private location where their one-sided encounter could continue. There bare- breasted Giselle lay on her back, tied down to a massage table and tape- gagged; while Lily gleefully tickled her sock-clad feet, she tugged frantically at the ropes pinning her wrists behind her head! As Lily's excitement grew, she pulled down Giselle's panties, then pulled up her own dress and mounted the table to straddle her powerless prisoner, who wimpered as her nipples were tweaked by unforgiving fingers! But Lily's dominant reign would soon arrive at a shocking conclusion!

Kneeling tied, tape-gagged and bare-breasted on the massage table, Lily bitterly regretted bringing Giselle to this venue when she could have left her dazed rival bound in the bathroom. With roles reversed, the formerly meek student had become a hardened dispenser of unfriendly breast-fondling! Delighted by Lily's indignant gasps, Giselle pushed her torso down against the table, so that her bare soles were exposed for tickling -- and her bare bottom for spanking! Giselle smiled happily as Lily's bound body twisted awkwardly under her hands; the surge of power she felt convinced her to escalate the humiliation of this woman who'd punished her so ruthlessly!

So after Lily was stripped naked, she lay facedown on the table, her ankles tethered to its legs. Tape-gagged and immobilized, Lily eyed Giselle apprehensively as she approached with a small object in her hand, then squealed when the ice-cube chilled her sensitive soles before leaving a path of cold water up her nude body! What more could Giselle do to seal her victory over Lily? How about a hogtie that would raise the naked woman's toe-tied bare feet for another bout of icing! Giselle was intoxicated by the sensual sights and sounds produced by Lily's wide-eyed writhing, but before long she'd also be returned to the subjugation of rope and tape!

Lily's boyfriend managed to track her down after hearing about her crazy vendetta against Giselle. He'd intended to put an end to the madness before anyone got in trouble, but Lily's hogtied nudity combined with Giselle's half-naked allure twisted his mind in an entirely different direction! His inspiration resulted in a pair of lovely but resentful women standing gagged, bound and naked against the wall while their admirer encouraged them to get acquainted! Although Giselle and Lily eyed each other with understandable hostility at first, they succumbed to the reality of their predicament, as well as undoubted mutual attraction, and began to press their breasts together. Encouragement from Lily's ecstatic guy led to even more impressive undulations; if they hoped that co- operation with his desires would lead to freedom, however, they couldn't have been more mistaken. Instead, their bodies were folded on the floor by waist-ankle tethers while the source of their enmity coolly observed their struggling bodies from bright eyes to bare toes!

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