Vanna's Online Bondage War

Release Date: Sep.30.2019
Running Time: 0:48:2
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Vanna Bardot

Her friends warned Vanna Bardot not to tangle with a powerful social media influencer known as The Queen but Vanna continued her scathing criticisms of the woman she considered evil. And she was apparently right, because a disguised emissary soon interrupted Vanna's work at the computer, bound the stunned young woman's hands behind her and gagged her with a knotted black cloth. As Vanna struggled in the chair where he'd tethered her, the hooded figure recorded her plight with his phone, then escalated her embarrassing situation by baring her breasts and feet. His message delivered, the intruder left the bewildered blogger twisting in bondage.

When Vanna refused to back down, the intimidation campaign continued as her nemesis paid a midnight visit. Seized in her bed, sleepy Vanna awakened swiftly once she was tied up and tape-gagged in her gold nighty. Vanna squirmed nervously on her deep-blue bedsheet while the dark figure loomed nearby, then once again produced the phone to take several photos of the pretty captive. After Vanna's legs were folded with a waist-ankle tether, she was temporarily abandoned and rolled about the bed in futile frustration. She was still trapped in rope when the ruthless man returned to take her away for a more severe course in attitude adjustment.

Stripped to her panties and ball-gagged, Vanna stood against a tall post, her bound wrists secured overhead until her vicious host decided that her restraint required alteration. After Vanna's hands were tied behind the post and she was pinned in place with ropes tightened around her chest, he callously pulled down the panties so that they could be replaced with a crotch-rope. Despite her perilous situation, Vanna murmured angrily behind her gag and strained against her bonds while the shameless man mocked her.

Vanna's vertical bondage gave way to a horizontal alternative once she was tied down naked on a massage table and her ball-gag replaced by microfoam tape. But her crotch-rope remained in place to alternately annoy and stimulate as she tugged against the knotted ropes holding her wrists and ankles in place at opposite ends of the table. Although he was satisfied that Vanna would remain powerless on her back, her tireless oppressor decided that she should end her time on the table in a hogtie; arching on her stomach, the dazed girl wondered how her life had taken such an appalling detour.

Vanna had plenty of time to meditate on her bound nudity after she was placed in a lotus-tie on a small platform. Her eyes widened above the dark tape sealing her lips when the intrusive phone materialized to view her constricted movements. The phone's presence became even more troubling after her ankles were retied to the platform's legs in order to spread her own; Vanna had no doubt that the photos of this revealing position would be used against her by the antagonist responsible for her ordeal. When Vanna was returned home by her escort and freed of ropework, she received a phone call that confirmed her pessimistic expectations.

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