Silly Girl Detectives

Release Date: Mar.25.2019
Running Time: 0:37:39
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lily Adams, Jocelyn Sweets

Lily Adams and Jocelyn Sweets concluded that detective work would be both interesting and lucrative but failed to consider its negative aspects. One downside that Jocelyn soon discovered was the possibility of lying naked, tied- up and tape- gagged after an investigation took a sinister turn. The little blonde was confident that her partner would rescue her but when Lily turned up, she was grabbed by the same thug responsible for her bondage. Trussed-up in her sweater and skirt, Lily sat next to Jocelyn on a bed, where the two sidelined investigators waged an unsuccessful battle against restrictive ropes. After turning back-to- back and failing to loosen the knots confining each other's wrists, Lily and Jocelyn had no better luck when they took turns attempting to remove their tape- gags with grasping bare toes.

Another situation turned precarious for two inexperienced investigators who were beginning to regret their vocational choice. After both detectives were deprived of clothing, Lily sat bound and naked on a tiled ledge above a large bathtub; as she kicked up her bare feet in frustration, Lily murmured through her cleave-gag to Jocelyn, who squirmed in the tub below, her small nude body also tightly coiled in rope. Impatient at their embarrassing predicament, Lily wriggled nimbly around the edge of the tub, then leaned back so that Jocelyn could raise her legs and pluck at her partner's wrist bonds with those delicate toes -- nice try, ladies, but you're not going anywhere!

Caught during an undercover assignment that required them to wear crop-tops and denim shorts, Jocelyn and Lily were restrained in rope once more. The plucky pair searched for an escape route that led them down a long, carpeted stairway; mouthing black cleave-gags, they moved step-by-step until reaching the bottom. At that point, they stood cautiously and Lily hopped away toward a nearby door, but was quickly thwarted. Turned into bondage twins by a rope around their waists that linked them together, Lily and Jocelyn had to sit out the rest of the case.

The denim shorts remained but the tops disappeared so it was two bare- breasted PIs who lay side-by-side on a small bed, their arms stretched above their heads by rope-links to the bed's metal head-frame. Unhappily accustomed to ropework oppression by now, Jocelyn and Lily twisted back and forth while tugging against their wrist- and ankle-tethers and whimpering behind white tape-gags. The soon-to-be-retired detectives did receive an unpleasant surprise when they were briefly freed, then had their hands tied behind their backs and hitched to their ankles. More powerless then ever in hogties, Lily and Jocelyn rolled around until they spotted passersby who could rescue them from an exhausting ordeal.

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