Charity And Lexi: Social Media Starlets In Bondage

Release Date: Nov.26.2018
Running Time: 0:45:52
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Charity Crawford, Lexi Fox

"Charity Crawford and Lexi Fox are a pair of hot 19-year-olds who've made some serious money for themselves with hundreds of videos they've posted online, so I decided to give them the opportunity to make some money for me! Of course, the subject matter would be quite different than their usual themes and the results would be heading for the dark web, so their participation wouldn't actually be voluntary. No, my crew and I invited ourselves into their high-end dwelling, then gave them quite a surprise when they returned home from a deluxe vacation. Despite the shocked expressions, they were both as cute as advertised -- Charity a real knockout in a tight little red dress and fluffy white flats, while Lexi was adorable in her own snug dress and sandals that showcased a pair of delicate bare feet. The ropes fit them just fine, then my associate and I stuffed cloth in their mouths, with duct-tape added to prevent excessive noisiness on their part. At first they sat obediently on a bench while we prepared their first scenario. But then the clever little ladies slid onto the floor and started edging down the stairway until we gently admonished them to refrain from any escape attempts unless they were directed to do so. As the bound starlets sat submissively side-by-side against the railing, eyes wide and worried above their gags, Lexi's blue toe-nails contrasted very appealingly with Charity's pink nails -- we were off to a fine start!"

"In their first fantasy adventure, our two talented performers played secretaries in jeopardy; Charity wore a provocative blue blouse, dark skirt and strappy sandals that highlighted those long pink toes while Lexi dressed more modestly in a pink blouse, skirt and shining black pumps. Sitting neatly roped in chairs next to each other, they struggled as ordered, with Lexi conveying especially authentic angst. A resentful vibe emerged after I arranged for their bare breasts to thrust through unbuttoned blouses, and I appreciated the angry words that the helpless heroines mumbled through their black cleave-gags. When the chairs disappeared, Charity and Lexi curled up barefoot and apprehensive under windows looking onto the world outside that beckoned to them so tantalizingly. Fantasy and reality were blurring for them and I was sure that their next little drama would escalate the confusion."

"Now who wouldn't salivate at the sight of a spirited encounter between sexy cheerleader Charity and demure student Lexi? Once Lexi was standing bound to a wooden bedpost, I ordered Charity to gag her with cloth and tape, an assignment she carried out with surprising skill. Next it was time for the slender cheer-girl to fondle her trembling friend's exposed breasts; although Charity was hesitant at first, as her fingers tweaked Lexi's nipples, I noted a ripple of excitement in her expression. That was a pleasant surprise, but I soon cut short her dominant role by freeing Lexi, then allowing the student to gag her post- tied rival. Before long, Charity sat on the floor, her tight top raised to allow Lexi's fingers to toy with her breasts before tickling her bare soles!"

"OK, clothing and costumes can be turn-ons but it was time for a closer look at Lexi and Charity, so our reluctant performers were reduced to their birthday suits and seated side-by-side on the bed. Wrists tied behind them, breasts framed with rope, legs pinned together, lips sealed with tape -- we spared no effort to trap these two naked 19-year-old celebrities in bondage! Although it was easy to see that Charity and Lexi weren't happy with their humiliating exposure, they understood that this production was out of their control and they had no choice but to play our game. And they played it impressively, wriggling their slender bound and gagged bodies around on the bright red sheet until they lay on their sides, heads next to each other and eyes wide. Perhaps they hoped that I was through with them; if so, they were almost right."

"I had some inside dope that we should limit our take-over of the starlets' home to five hours, so our window of time was closing rapidly. It probably would have been smart to hit the road, but our fetching damsels in distress deserved one more chance to battle their bondage. Nothing too complicated, just Charity and Lexi tied back-to-back on the floor and tethered together by ropes coiled around their waists. Even though simplicity suited the tape-gagged nudes, who twisted energetically in their dual restraint, I wanted a more restrictive climax, so they were rearranged in hogties! Charity arched with especially impressive flexibility and Lexi rolled onto her side as she looked up with eyes that begged for release. I had to disappoint her, however, because after we grabbed the scene it was time to make our exit. A hasty thank you was all I could spare on the way out; it was a very sincere one because it didn't cost a thing."

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