Best Friends Play Bondage Games

Release Date: Nov.26.2018
Running Time: 0:40:15
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Emma Starletto, Aria Lee

Best friends and roommates Emma Starletto and Aria Lee discovered the menacing yet invigorating aspects of bondage when the inquisitive pair encountered a man who didn't appreciate their snooping. In their roles as sexy detectives, blonde Emma was the first to feel the pressure of rope on her slender body. Seated on a couch in a shimmering mini-dress and glistening sandals designed to showcase her slender bare feet , the bound girl pleaded for release but received a mouthful of cloth and a duct-tape gag instead! Although Emma strained desperately against her bonds, she remained powerless to warn Aria when the dark- haired beauty appeared; she was quickly tamed with rope coiled around her snug black dress, then her voice was also silenced with cloth and tape. Side-by-side the two friends struggled zealously on the couch before Emma slid onto the floor and stretched out her tied wrists to Aria. The knotted ropes refused to give way despite their best efforts, so Emma finally surrendered by resting her head in Aria's lap.

At first sight, Emma and Aria appeared to be typical office- workers, though somewhat more attractive than the norm. Seated at the desk she shared with her friend, Emma wore a white sweater, short gray skirt and black pumps; Aria's plum- colored blouse, flared skirt and white pumps gave off a more relaxed vibe, though her dark hair was collected in a pony-tail while Emma's blonde hair flowed down over her shoulders. One important fact wasn't immediately obvious, however -- they hated their jobs! So when burglars showed up late one day, Emma and Aria didn't even pretend to resist their demands but immediately pointed them toward the safe and eagerly informed them about the locations of other potentially valuable items. Nor did they argue when the thieves told them that they'd have to be bound and gagged; in fact, being trapped in rope would give them a legitimate reason for not working at their boring tasks. Tightly trussed, gagged with white cleaves and tethered to their chairs, Aria and Emma tested their ropework almost playfully until they heard their boss returning. To make it appear that they'd put up a struggle, the bound secretaries overturned their chairs and writhed barefoot on the floor until they were released.

What could possibly happen when two naked 19-year-old hotties played Truth Or Dare with a friendly gentleman? Neither Emma nor Aria wanted to tell the Truth, so they accepted Dares that required ropework for both. Emma went first and after she sat nude and tied on the floor, Aria happily added duct-tape to seal her lips, then watched her friend undulate in bondage. Of course, Aria couldn't escape a rope-web of her own, so once the dark-haired temptress was bound and gagged, she combined with Emma to give a dynamic performance. Squirming side-by-side, stretching out their legs, leaning close to rub their tape-gags together, curling up on their hips, their bare-skinned bodies blended with restrictive ropework to create a striking visual experience that concluded with Aria lying on her back, her head in Emma's lap.

Yes, Aria and Emma are not merely room-mates but bed-mates; they also share quite similar dreams. After they turned in and snuggled briefly under the covers, Emma was the first to enter dreamland, where she conjured up a tape-gagged and hogtied Aria! Dark hair flowing and dark eyes sparkling, Aria arched her naked body on the bedspread and flexed her bare soles while Emma slumbered happily a few feet away. When she awoke, the playful blonde was delighted to find her luscious friend so securely restrained -- but their relationship was bewilderingly transformed in an instant when Emma found herself in an identical hogtie! Murmuring behind her tape-gag, she tested her bowed body to the utmost as Aria smiled under the sheets. 

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