Tape Bound, Volume 27

Release Date: Apr.29.2019
Running Time: 0:48:25
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Mackenzie Moss, Vanna Bardot, Lola Pearl, Sophia Lux

Inexperienced investigators Mackenzie Moss and Vanna Bardot received the tape bondage treatment after splitting up to check out a suspicious location. Slender Mackenzie was the first to be seized, then tossed on a bed, where she was bound with duct-tape; cloth-stuffing preceded the tape that sealed her lips. When Vanna located her partner, the energetic brunette was also grabbed before tape and mouth-stuffing subdued and silenced her. Two pretty strugglers shared the bed, both barefoot, while Mackenzie's loose green dress fell to reveal her braless breasts.

Mackenzie and Vanna's tape-bondage experience took a different direction after they were seated naked on a couch. Despite the coils of white tape controlling the nude pair's limbs, they twisted back-to-back to pluck at each other's wrists, then turned to press their faces together in an attempt to remove their gags. It was Mackenzie's toes, however, that successfully freed Vanna's lips from tape, at which point she gratefully mouthed her friend's feet. After Vanna returned the favor by stretching out her legs to remove Mackenzie's gag, the slender blonde tasted those talented toes.

Back to duct-tape for the two playful friends, who didn't seem terribly worried by their restrictive situation even though they were clad in nothing but blouses. Pink-bloused Mackenzie sat taped up and gagged in an office chair while Vanna wore blue as she dangled her tape-bound legs over the edge of the desk where she was perched. The excited couple wriggled even more provocatively after their blouses were sacrificed to expose tape-framed breasts; Mackenzie pointed her slender bare toes on the carpet next to Vanna, who'd rolled daringly onto her side on top of the desk.

Vanna and Mackenzie were dressed for work in blouses, skirts, pantyhose and heels but efficient tape bonds and gags assured that they wouldn't be performing any office assignments. Sitting next to each other in wooden chairs, the tape- restrained secretaries slipped out of their shoes as they writhed, then worked back- to-back on the floor before rolling onto their sides and kicking up their stockinged feet.

Also subjected to the tyranny of duct-tape, Lola Pearl and Sophia Lux sat inches apart from each other on a small bench. Dark-haired Lola was garbed in a dazzling rainbow-colored dress while her blonde partner Sophia wore a barely-there white top and short yellow skirt; both leaned forward and raised their arms high behind them but the tape binding their wrists mocked their strenuous efforts. After slipping onto the floor, the barefoot captives moved in different directions, with Lola rolling onto her side and Sophia leaning against a couch, breasts bared by her exertions.

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