A Principal's Indignity, A Student's Revenge

Release Date: Dec.18.2017
Running Time: 0:46:58
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Tara Ashley, Ivy Wolfe

Tara Ashley likes to think of herself as a hip principal who can relate to difficult students, but she's never met anyone quite like Ivy Wolfe! Rebellious Ivy's not about to accept Tara's disciplinary measures, so their encounter ends with the pretty principal sitting efficiently trussed up on the floor and gagged with duct tape! Once she's rendered the authority figure powerless, Ivy gets her kicks by taunting Tara, then pulling up her dress to expose her panties before abandoning her to futile struggling.

To her dismay, Ivy learns that she's not the only one capable of tying people up, as thieves targeting the principal's office demonstrate by placing her in bondage next to Tara! Although the bound and gagged women eye each other warily at first, they soon co-operate to pull Tara's phone out of her purse, after which she slips off a sandal and tries to summon help with her bare toes! The failure of this effort doesn't discourage Ivy and Tara from twisting back-to-back so they can attempt to free themselves, then wriggling along the floor to glass doors where they can utter gag-stifled calls to be rescued!

A very different kind of confrontation ensues when Tara surprises her husband's mistress Ivy waiting to partake in some afternoon delight with him. The angry wife's come well-prepared for revenge, which she initiates by stuffing cloth in Ivy's mouth and gagging her with duct-tape once the shocked girl's hands are taped behind her back! Standing with her ankles also taped, Ivy's powerless to prevent Tara from bending her over the edge of the bed and pulling her panties down so she can inflict a loud, bottom- reddening spanking! But even deeper humiliation follows after the spurned wife pulls the bound and gagged girlfriend's hair while giving her pussy a punitive massage!

Tara receives a surprise of her own when her philandering husband shows up; instead of cringing in shame, he savors the sight of his wife playing with his trussed-up girlfriend! Reasoning that if one bound woman's a turn-on, then two will be at least twice as exciting, he arranges naked bondage for both! Sitting tied and tape-gagged at the head of the bed, Tara and Ivy glower at each other but have no choice except to writhe against restrictive ropework. Rolling around on the bed and kicking up their toe-tied bare feet, the feminine enemies occasionally press their nude bodies together in ways that imply the man in charge may turn out to be irrelevant!

Another pair of different roles for Tara and Ivy, this time as friends and workplace colleagues restrained in ropes after an office break-in. Seated side-by-side on the edge of a desk, the bandanna-gagged businesswomen twist in their bonds and murmur anxiously in the presence of the intruders; when it appears they're alone, Tara slips out of her heels so she can bring her legs onto the desk, then turns back-to-back with Ivy in hopes of freeing their wrists! But the thieves return to grab one more item from a desk drawer and spirited struggling ends with Ivy and Tara huddling together in intimidated proximity!

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