Innocent Girls In Bondage Peril

Release Date: May.21.2018
Running Time: 0:47:35
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Emily Willis, Riley Star, Emma Hix, Jayde Symz, Eliza Ibarra

Emily Willis and Riley Star were kicking back in their pretty summer dresses and engaging with their phones when unexpected noises briefly distracted them. After deciding that there was no need to worry, they returned to their pastime, but a hostile intervention soon separated them from phones and freedom! Tied up tight and tape-gagged, the two apprehensive housemates were ordered to sit on the couch and keep quiet; they obeyed at first, but then rolled onto the floor and tried to utilize one of the phones for a more serious purpose than usual. Their defiance was punished with more restrictive ropework that tethered them to a couch-leg on their stomachs; as a reminder of their perilous position, Riley and Emily's bottoms were bared by pulling their panties down and raising their dresses!

Pretty policewoman Emma Hix is being held in bondage until the authorities agree to exchange her for a gang moll. Her blue uniform shirt coiled with rope and lips sealed with duct-tape, the hot blonde cop sits tethered to a large red chair and strives to retain her composure despite this ominous situation. When the exchange is slow to develop, Emma's panties are removed and legs spread wide for maximum pussy exposure while her bare breasts thrust through an open shirt!

Petite Jayde Symz and long-legged Eliza Ibarra share a simple but restrictive predicament -- larcenous intruders have bound and gagged them with duct- tape! Barefoot in blue jeans and white turtlenecks, Jayde and Eliza strain with pathetic futility against their tape bonds as they sit next to each other; after their tops are sliced open to expose their breasts, the humiliated girls roll onto the floor and huddle together.

Dressed in top and shorts, tiny blonde Riley Star receives the bound and gagged treatment. Seated on a long-legged wooden chair that accenuates her diminutive stature, barefoot Riley squirms in a rope web that pins her decisively to the chair, then whimpers in embarassment after her breasts are bared!

Dark-haired dazzler Emily Willis couldn't be happier because she just won an antique bracelet at an auction; unfortunately the woman who lost the bidding decided she'd do anything necessary to grab the bracelet! That's why wide- eyed Emily finds herself tied up on a wooden chair in her sleeveless top, denim shorts and sandals, a knotted black cleave gag spreading her luscious lips. After her bitter rival departs, Emily's left to struggle barefoot and bare-breasted on the floor! 

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