It's Tough To Cheer When Your Bound And Gagged

Release Date: Jun.03.2019
Running Time: 0:46:49
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Natalie Knight, Morgan Rain, Indica James

Natalie Knight hadn't seen her mentor Indica James for months so she thought it would be fun to wear her old cheerleader outfit when she paid a visit. Both women enjoyed reminiscing but when Indica left to make an important call, a menacing figure from her past turned Natalie's visit into a nightmare. Once the little blonde was curled up tightly bound in her armchair, he used cloth-stuffing and duct-tape to quiet her, then watched her struggle nervously until the object of his anger returned. Quickly trussed-up, Indica denied her former partner's accusations of theft until he silenced her with cloth and tape as well. While the bound and gagged pair strained against his ropework, he cased Indica's home before going on alert when he heard another cheerleader arrive.

Like Natalie, her friend Morgan Rain had worn a nostalgic cheerleader uniform for their reunion with Indica. Morgan was surprised to find the front door open and no sign of her friends, so she searched throughout the house until the intruder cornered her in a bedroom. Tied-up and trembling, Morgan sat with her legs hanging over the lower edge of the bed as her lips were spread with cloth and sealed with tape. After smugly informing Morgan that Natalie and Indica were also trapped in rope, he removed her sneakers, then left the slender beauty to roll around barefoot on the bed as she frantically attempted to escape her restrictive plight.

When they were brought together, Natalie, Indica and Morgan sat in a line wooden chairs, the petite cheerleaders flanking their full-figured friend. Gagged with knotted cleaves, they could only mumble back and forth while Indica's obsessive-ex turned her house upside down looking for the valuables he accused her of stealing. Morgan and Natalie managed to communicate and make a move that would take advantage of his absence by slipping off the chairs and onto the hardwood floor. The barefoot cheerleaders then began to slowly edge toward the front door and were only a few feet away when the vigilant villain blocked their exit.

It became clear that this crazed man wouldn't be going away anytime soon after he escalated his home takeover. Morgan wore a a short dress and Natalie skimpy nightwear as both sat tied and tape-gagged on the edge of a wooden coffee-table. Switched from her jacket and skirt to sweater and pants, Indica faced her two little friends while sitting tethered to her chair. Her ruthless ex then used Indica's affection for Morgan and Natalie to combat her resistance to his demands, first baring their breasts, then placing them face-down on the table. While the hogtied innocents arched, their eyes pleaded with Indica to help them, a task she was powerless to accomplish...until she caved. Once her gag was removed, she revealed where she'd hidden the objects she'd taken after leaving him years before.

He'd won the coldhearted game, so it was time to depart with his spoils but this volatile man still seethed with resentment. That's why his farewell to Indica left her standing bound, gagged and bare-breasted against a wooden cabinet. As for Natalie and Morgan, their classic wrong- place/wrong-time experience ended as they sat naked, tied and tape-gagged on the carpet a few feet from Indica. First seated back-to-back with their arms pinned around each other's stomachs, the unclothed cheerleaders were later disentangled from that uncomfortable proximity, but with their legs folded by waist-ankle tethers they could only twist awkwardly while their oppressor walked out the door.

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