A Burglar's Bad Break

Release Date: Jun.03.2019
Running Time: 0:56:14
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Whitney Westgate, Pussy Amour

Tying up pretty girls like Whitney Westgate is catnip for stealthy burglar Pussy Amore, so Whitney's relaxing interval on the sofa ends abruptly when she slips through the door and grabs her! After slipping cloth between the shocked young lady's lips and sealing it in place with duct-tape, predatory Pussy takes her time binding Whitney's hands behind her back, then tautly coiling rope around breasts covered by her tight sleeveless dress. Once her plaything's seated on the couch and the rope-savvy burglar has secured Whitney's ankles and knees, those breasts are bared for Pussy's arrogant fondling. Temporarily satisfied by her conquest, she leaves the bound and gagged girl straining against her rope web and hoping that she's seen the last of the cat-suited intruder.

No such luck for Whitney, who briefly stands untied before Pussy as she lounges on the couch, then hesitantly strips at the menacing woman's command. Mean-girl Pussy then enjoys the sight of her anxious subject gagging herself with cloth and microfoam tape before resuming her pleasurable pastime of tightening rope around Whitney's naked body and sampling the breasts framed by her bonds. Reclining on the couch after subduing the pretty nude, Pussy savors the sight of sweet Whitney struggling on the carpet before standing to tower above her.

While Pussy exults in her conquest of the beautiful girl in naked bondage, she fails to notice Whitney's landlord sneaking up behind her. After overpowering her, he orders the snarling burglar to gag herself, then tie her own ankles and knees as she sits on the floor next to wide-eyed Whitney. Helping himself to another piece of rope, the tall man ties Pussy's hands behind her before leaving to ponder his next move. Although she's still tied and gagged, Whitney's eyes express her anger toward the woman who's toyed with her; once she's freed, the object of Pussy's lust pays her back with energetic fondling before sitting in her lap to bestow contemptuous kisses on her tape-gag.

When the landlord returns, he's shocked by Whitney's kinky behavior, so she's returned to bondage while standing next to her enemy in the corner of the room. Despite their distaste for each other, Pussy and Whitney are willing to co-operate in a long- shot attempt to escape their common predicament. But the landlord's not going to allow any defiance of his questionable plan to hold both the burglar and his tenant in restraint, so he assures their submission by moving them onto the floor, where the hogtied pair arch in common subservience to the ropes bowing their bodies.

The landlord grudgingly recognizes that Whitney would have to be released but he feels no such obligation to Pussy, who remains tied and tape-gagged after moving from floor to couch. Before turning her over to the police, he expresses his disapproval of her activities by removing her boots, taping her ankles together and tickling her bare feet! Once he abandons her, Pussy writhes desperately from couch to floor but despite these exertions she continues in the ropework's knotted grasp until the law arrives.

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