A Day Of Misadventures For The Pretty Camp Counsel

Release Date: Aug.21.2017
Running Time: 0:45:24
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Tali Dova, Maya Kendrick

Camp counselors Tali Dova and Maya Kendrick will need some serious counseling of their own after a crazy summer day!

Tali's first day at camp turns restrictive when she's hazed by her charges. Dressed for summer in a tight blue crop-top, short denim shorts and strappy sandals, Tali's gagged with duct-tape, neatly tied and seated outdoors on a large rock! The frustrated counselor's vigorous struggling fails to loosen her bonds but she does manage to stand up and hop toward a tall tree before she's discovered by her more experienced friend Maya Kendrick. Maya finds Tali's plight hilarious but stops laughing when she's surrounded by the mischievous campers!

Now Maya's short red frock is coiled with rope and she's gagged with a white cleave before she's prodded up a hill with the identically bound and gagged Tali! After the cringing counselors are herded into a small barn, their ankles and knees are secured with rope and they're seated on a bale of hay. Maya and Tali squirm in sweaty embarrassment and mumble annoyed protests to the campers who've undermined their authority, but the fun's just getting started!

Moved to a small tree-shaded space, Tali and Maya sit in red leatherette chairs next to a circular white table; the captive counselors are gagged with white tape and their bound wrists are tethered to their knees. But there's a nasty surprise in store for the beleaguered pair -- after their hands are re-tied behind them, Tali's shorts and sandals are removed while Maya's sneakers disappear and her frock is pulled up! Once their ankles are hitched separately to the metal chair- legs, the barefoot girls writhe and whimper, uncomfortably aware that their pussies are shockingly exposed!

Contrary to their expectations, the weary young women are anything but rescued when the head counselor discovers their humiliating bondage ordeal! Instead, he castigates them for losing control of the camp and disciplines them by stripping them of their remaining garments and arranging a new ropework challenge for their naked bodies! Inside camp headquarters, Maya stands tape- gagged on the hardwood floor with her arms raised overhead to a horizontal wooden beam while the predatory leader fondles Tali! His hypocritical hands-on discipline extends to both struggling friends after Tali's positioned next to Maya in identical restraint!

Tali and Maya are delighted to have their arms lowered from the beam, but not nearly as happy when their hands are bound behind them. Seated inches from each other on a grey flannel lounge, the tied and tape-gagged nudes twist indignantly while they receive another unorthodox counseling session from the soon to be ex-head counselor! Punctuating his bizarre behavior by turning Maya and Tali onto their stomachs, he leaves them hogtied and arching while they silently resolve to never set foot in a camp again! 









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