Grab And Bind Of Anny Aurora

Release Date: Jun.25.2018
Running Time: 0:48:31
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Anny Aurora

Lovely German blonde Anny Aurora opted for a vacation that would give her a taste of the SoCal lifestyle; what she didn't count on was a detour into bound submission! Casually alluring in her tight crop-top, distressed jeans and sneakers, Anny sat tied and cleave-gagged on a leather chair after she was seized by a towering intruder. As time passed, he methodically emphasized his domination of his anxious subject by tightening rope around Anny's chest, removing the sneakers to toe-tie her bare feet, and finally pulling up the top to bare her breasts!

No more clothes for unlucky Anny, whose wrists were bound behind her with microfoam tape by the alarming intruder. Tape pinned Anny's ankles together as she sat naked on a couch and also muffled her protests; her bondage became more restrictive as white coils wrapped above and below her breasts! The desperate girl rolled onto the couch while straining against the adhesive restraint, then slipped onto the floor and began edging toward a door. But the ominous stranger was not about to let a prize like Anny escape his clutches!

A very different kind of bondage awaited the slender nude, who stood bound with tan rope and supported by a link to a metal bar above her head. Momentarily ungagged, Anny was unable to prevent the insertion of a shiny blue ball-gag between her lips, then murmured indignantly while twisting back and forth in her limited circle of mobility. A moment of hope emerged when Anny cleverly brushed aside the curtains behind her before pressing her naked body against the glass door. Caught in the act, the defiant girl was disciplined with clinical breast-fondling and a crotch-rope arrogantly introduced between her legs!

Standing bound and naked had been an exercise in humiliation for Anny, but lying trussed-up on her stomach and hitched to a bed's headboard was no improvement. Although she was unable to free herself, her athletic spirit manifested itself as tape-gagged Anny twisted onto her hip and tugged against the rope controlling her legs. Those smooth white legs were more significantly immobilized after they were drawn close to her wrists so that Anny could experience the stressful challenge of a hogtie!

Anny's predatory handler generously allowed her to slip on a short pink dress before she was again subdued with rope and tethered to a chair. Cloth stuffing and white tape comprised the last gag of the day at his insolent hands, then Anny was left in bound and gagged solitude once he slipped the high-heeled sandals from her bare feet as a memento of his despicable achievement! 

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