Brave Girls Gagged And Bound

Release Date: Jun.25.2018
Running Time: 0:44:58
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Eliza Ibarra, Danni Rivers, Victoria Steffanie, Ashley Lane, Aspen Celeste, Emily Willis, Riley Star

Eliza Ibarra's black cocktail dress suggested a party, but the white rope pinning it to her slender body and the duct tape covering her mouth sent an entirely different message! Best friend Danni Rivers soon joined her in bondage on the floor behind the bar where Eliza had been preparing for a high-spirited evening. While the thieves responsible for their plight were busy elsewhere, Eliza managed to loosen the knots around Danni's ankles so that the wide-eyed girl could run off barefoot in search of help. But poor Danni instead encountered the intruders, who returned her next to Eliza in tethered restraint; they were still struggling unsuccessfully when the first partygoers arrived!

One look at tanned and vibrant Victoria Steffanie and it's easy to tell that she's a high-energy young lady. Unfortunately for Victoria, her energy was most recently devoted to a vigorous battle against ropework that confined her to the top of a wooden table in her sleeveless top, short denim shorts and lowcut white socks! Gagged with microfoam tape, Victoria had no answer for assertive domination that exposed her breasts and left her hogtied!

Ashley Lane was undoubtedly enticing in her frilly lilac lingerie, but the more significant additions to her costume were the knotted lengths of tan rope securing her limbs. Gagged with a colorful cleave, adorable Ashley twisted energetically against her bonds and rolled along the floor, but her nemesis was always a step ahead. Even after her perky breasts peeped through the ropes tightened around her chest, her gag was replaced by duct-tape and she was hogtied, however, the wide- eyed heroine refused to surrender!

Aspen Celeste tried to hide when she heard strange voices in the house, but it proved impossible to fit all of her lithe 5-9 frame behind the couch. So Aspen soon sat on the edge of the couch, her body clad only in a short pink robe tautly coiled with rope and her lips spread by a knotted black cloth. Strenuous struggling briefly freed her from an ankle tether, but before long bare-breasted Aspen was curled up on the couch, legs folded by a connecting rope and robe opened to reveal her toned body!

It's difficult to imagine two more compelling damsels in distress than raven- haired temptress Emily Willis and blonde sprite Riley Star. Although their upper bodies were subdued by rope and their lips sealed with duct-tape, the nude girls' legs were untethered, allowing Emily and Riley to haltingly enter their bedroom. Freedom was fleeting, however, because they were transferred to the bed, where they sat against the headboard, bare feet folded close to their hips by waist- ankle rope-links. Riley and Emily urgently tested the resistance of their rope webs, which proved more than a match for small bodies that continued to writhe after the hapless girls rolled onto their sides! 

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