Alien Bondage Incursion

Release Date: Jan.22.2018
Running Time: 0:46:15
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Jennifer Jacobs, Tara Ashley

Dazed by strange flashes of light and panic-stricken by an unearthly voice, pretty Jennifer Jacobs cowers in the corner of her bedroom! Although she's become the powerless subject of an alien intruder, Jennifer's pajama-clad body is restrained on her bed with mundane white rope and her lips sealed with duct- tape. The wide-eyed brunette curls up and struggles under the pitiless gaze of a disembodied observer, then whimpers after her breasts are exposed! Ankles tethered to her wrists, barefoot Jennifer rolls around on the bed, mercifully unaware that her strange ordeal is far from over!

In a home far from Jennifer's, another beautiful young woman has been awakened from her peaceful slumber to become the second subject of the alien visitor's heartless experiment! Trussed-up and tape-gagged in a black slip, Tara Ashley sits meekly on the edge of her fireplace, still wondering whether she's in the throes of a nightmare. When Tara accepts the reality of her plight, she struggles vigorously on the floor until another rope folds her legs closer to her body. Twisting awkwardly on her side, the innocent woman is unable to escape her bondage -- nor the taunts of an inhuman creature!

Two bewildered beauties meet for the first time under ominous circumstances! Their nightwear replaced by shimmering skin-tight leotards, Jennifer and Tara converse in hushed tones as they stand back-to- back but separated by the wooden post to which they've been bound! Their conversation's inevitably interrupted by the interstellar experimenter, who stifles their speech with ball-gags, then watches with clinical interest as these alluring subjects rise on bare toes to strain against their bonds and murmur through the hard rubber spheres spreading their lips!

Tara and Jennifer sit a few feet apart in armchairs; they seem almost demure, as if they were awaiting job interviews. Instead, of course, they're tightly bound in lingerie and gagged with duct-tape, while the only other entity present is a disembodied alien! Chilled by knowledge that they're at the mercy of an invisible creature, Jennifer and Tara attempt to console each other while they engage in futile contortions on the floor; exposed breasts soon accentuate their vulnerability.

As the alien's cold-hearted exercise in clinical voyeurism reaches its climax, the hapless women curl up shivering on a long curving couch, their naked bodies subdued by rope! United by this unthinkable experience, Jennifer and Tara lean close to each other, their tape-gagged mouths only inches apart. But the alien is determined to progressively limit the human females' mobility, so moments later they squirm on their stomachs, tethered to the back on the couch, before writhing pathetically in cross-ankled hogties! When the alien vanishes as mysteriously as it arrived, Tara and Jennifer are relieved of a malevolent presence but will never escape the disturbing memories it created.

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