Serious Bondage Fun

Release Date: Dec.09.2019
Running Time: 0:50:37
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Mackenzie Moss, Emma Starletto

It was a promising start to an evening of consensual -- more or less - - pleasure when two naked girls had a brief wrestling match over a length of rope. When the contest was over, a crestfallen Mackenzie Moss knelt on the bed in front of the victor, Emma Starletto; bound hand and foot, Mackenzie squirmed as Emma smirked at her girlfriend's helpless state, teased her slender body, then tape-gagged her. After tweaking Mackenzie's nipples and boldly massaging her pussy, Emma placed her helpless lover facedown so that she could tickle a pair of exceptionally soft soles before sucking her toes. Emma's enjoyment of Mackenzie ended only when their housemate intervened to arrange a role reversal.

Once it was Emma's turn to feel the pressure of ropes tightened around her wrists and ankles and the lip-sealing properties of microfoam tape, Mackenzie took full advantage of the opportunity for some playful payback. Emma had become the bound girl on her knees, her slender naked body the playground for her smiling girlfriend's roaming hands. After lowering Emma onto her stomach, Mackenzie also tickled and mouthed a pair of bare feet as enticing as her own and swatted a round bottom in imitation of the spanking that had caused her cheeks to tingle. All in good fun, of course, until their housemate decided that she'd enjoy the struggles of two luscious nudes in bondage!

Emma and Mackenzie were back on their knees again, both with wrists and ankles tied, both tape-gagged, while facing each other mere inches apart. Fascinated by the sight of her bound and naked friends, their housemate took charge by ordering breast-to-breast contact before folding the indignant girls onto their hips, ankles separately tethered to bedposts. Now that they were objects of the woman's amused contempt, Mackenzie and Emma no longer enjoyed their restricted state, instead struggling earnestly against the ropes controlling them. But these efforts to free themselves were futile and merely provided more entertainment for their sneaky housemate as they rolled around on the bed and whimpered in frustration.

Blonde starlet Allie Nicole was cornered: tightly-bound and ball- gagged, she stood against a wall and maneuvered her naked body carefully, even rising on tiptoe, while her wide eyes swept the room in search for some way out of her alarming situation. Allie's only destination, however, was a wooden chair, where her movements were even more restrained after she was seated with a rope-link pinning her to the back of the chair while her ankles were tethered under it.

Closets in old dark rooms often hold secrets and there was a stunning surprise in this one -- a bound and gagged Allie Nicole! Allie was an eye- catching sight in her maroon crop-top and tight little skirt, while silver strap sandals surrounded her bare feet and black tape sealed her lips; a connection between the ropes coiled around her chest and a horizontal wooden bar stabilized her standing position. A visitor's request to see more of Allie resulted in breast and pussy exposure before she was removed from the closet. After her sandals were removed, the trussed-up heroine writhed barefoot on the floor while admirers applauded her contortions.

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