Pastor Good's Downfall

Release Date: Feb.26.2018
Running Time: 0:48:23
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lily LaBeau, Amarna Miller

"Praise the Lord!" intones glamorous evangelist Pastor Good (Lily LaBeau), who could have added "But pass along the cash to me!" Yes, this pastor's in the Bible biz for the bucks and this champion of family values is also concealing her lesbian relationship with luscious Amarna Miller. But the embittered son of a sucker she fleeced is about to rain down a plague of misery upon Pastor Good, first by seizing her when she leaves her imposing edifice of worship. Firmly trussed up in her eye-catching dress of many colors, the pastor sits in disbelief on the edge of a large fountain as the avenger gags her with cloth stuffing and duct-tape! Her golden tongue silenced, she has no choice but to listen as the outraged man rants -- and also engages in some groping of her rope-framed breasts! After he leaves to ambush Amarna, the leggy pastor writhes against unforgiving bondage and mumbles curses at the unholy intruder.

Of course Amarna's no match for the imposing figure; soon both she and her sugar mama sit on a bench subdued by rope and tape. Auburn-haired Amarna's demurely sexy in a tight top, skirt, stockings and heels, but the humiliated Pastor Good sits next to her without even a fig leaf to hide her nakedness! The lovers' hopeless struggles elicit harsh laughter from the man determined to ruin this phony preacher's reputation if she refuses to return the money his gullible father sent her; to achieve his goal, he uses a phone to record her nude writhings!

Amarna joins her spiritual leader in nudity before the bound pair are led around the property by their nemesis. After propping Pastor Good on a stone bench, He removes Amarna's gag and orders her to kneel and wrap her lips around her lover's bare toes! Less than enthralled by the taste of the pastor's dusty feet, the petite girl has no choice but to lick and suck, before mouthing the blonde nude's breasts at the implacable man's direction.

Pastor Good's briefly freed from bondage but only so she can switch roles with barefoot Amarna, who stands pinned to a wooden post and tape-gagged. Now it's the sexy scammer who's ordered to fondle and mouth her little girlfriend's breasts, then caress her pussy, while the powerless girl whimpers in embarrassment! But there's worse to come for ticklish Amarna, who squeals and wriggles after the cruel man compels the naked pastor to tantalize her ribs with all ten fingers!

The retribution for Pastor Good's fraudulent career concludes as she and Amarna stand nude, trussed and tape-gagged on the balcony where she'd mesmerized her followers with the honeyed words of her sermons. After helping himself to several more handfuls of bound breasts, the shameless avenger leaves both women tethered to the metal railing, where their bare bodies consort carnally! Her spirit finally broken, Pastor Good surrenders and promises to mend her ways; once she's reclothed, she preaches a final sermon urging her followers to give their money, as she will, to more worthy causes!

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