The Riley Files

Release Date: Jul.17.2017
Running Time: 0:48:57
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Riley Anne

Despite her innocent appearance, Riley Anne was an operative working undercover to discover the identity of a corporate raider; after several cautious months of investigation, Riley gained access to documents that brought her closer to the truth. When she phoned an associate with the report of her discovery, the call went to voice mail for reasons that would have alarmed her -- but Riley soon confronted her own crisis! Taking advantage of her isolated location, a hooded man seized Riley, bound her hands behind her back and tied a knotted black cloth between her lips! After securing her arms with several coils of rope around her chest, he seated Riley on the desk and confirmed her immobility by tying her ankles together. Riley struggled ineffectually until the mysterious man received further instructions, then abruptly picked her up and carried her off!

Still dressed in her sleeveless blouse and skirt, but now in stockinged feet, Riley stood roped to a wooden post and gagged with a wide black cloth tied over her mouth; as she strained against her bonds, the apprehensive operative tried to understand why she'd been taken. At least a partial answer arrived when the disguised man reappeared, pulled down her gag and demanded to know why she was working for such an evil organization! After spitting out the soaked cloth wad that had been stuffed in her mouth, Riley claimed that she was merely a low-level employee who knew nothing about the company's activities. Unsatisfied by her answer, he repositioned Riley in the stocks so that her stockinged soles were vulnerable to his energetic fingers! As he tickled her feet, the sinister figure bombarded Riley with question after question about the company, which he clearly loathed. Was it possible that he was also associated with the same agency she worked for, wondered Riley, and that she'd been seized by mistake? Riley was thrown into bouts of laughter by the relentless tickling but she refused to divulge anything about her employer or her own undercover status -- this interrogator, however, was just getting started!

Stripped to her red bra and black panties, Riley knelt on a massage table, but she had no expectations of a relaxing interlude because she was gagged with microfoam tape, rigorously bound and linked to an overhead chain! When she continued to defy her oppressor's demands for information, he responded with intimidation, first baring her breasts and pulling down her panties, then watching as she twisted back and forth on her knees. Riley became an even more vulnerable subject of interrogation after she was hogtied; while the slender blonde squirmed and squealed, the ruthless man tickled the naked soles of her toe-tied bare feet, then added to her discomfort by icing them! 

Riley's eyes flicked nervously around her and she shivered as she sat naked and trussed in a web of rope to a hard wooden chair! Her slender body mastered by her bonds and her lips spread by a red ball-gag, the youthful operative knew that she was in far over her head; when the hooded nemesis approached her with a sheet of paper in his hand, Riley trembled as she imagined what devious approach he'd attempt next. The confrontation that followed brought immediate hope to Riley, then dashed it and left her in bound and gagged despair! 

Her interrogation had ended, but Riley felt no relief because she still remained under the domination of unforgiving ropework. Lying on a bed with her wrists tethered separately to the bedposts, the tape-gagged nude had to accept the bitter truth that she'd lost a very high-stakes game. Riley's ankles, tied together at first, were soon connected separately to each side of the bed so that the defeated novice agent would experience the full humiliation of a spread-eagle. One final mean- spirited detail emphasized the victory of her opponents when a vibrator was tied to the inside of Riley's leg; as it buzzed, a sarcastic woman's voice urged her to enjoy the pleasure earned by her co-operation!

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