Bondage Dramas Trap Five Feisty Females

Release Date: Oct.30.2017
Running Time: 0:49:36
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Chloe Scott, Lola Pearl, Victoria June, Jenna Reid, Riley Reyes

Rarely has an innocent pawn appeared more powerless than Chloe Scott, who sat bound on a futon in her sleeveless blouse and short skirt, her vision negated by a blindfold and her voice muffled by a knotted scarf tied between her lips! Despite her bewildering bondage, the barefoot girl refused to surrender meekly, but her contortions succeeded only in dislodging her blindfold. Determined to keep Chloe subdued, her captors replaced the cleave-gag with tape and tethered her legs to the futon, leaving the lithe blonde squirming on her stomach!

Playful Lola Pearl entered the hidden room quietly in her stockinged feet, certain that she could grab a souvenir of her visit and scram before anyone knew she was there. She was badly mistaken, of course, because the guardian of the room awaited her with black rope and cloth and soon had her perched on a narrow wooden desk, where the leggy brunette twisted in bound and gagged anxiety! Lola's eyes widened and she squealed angrily after her blouse was opened to expose her breasts; struggling vigorously, the humiliated adventuress later rolled around on the floor, her dark skirt hiked above the tops of her garter stockings!

You can't usually choose your neighbors, a reality that resulted in a shocking encounter for voluptuous secretary Victoria June. Upon her return from a difficult day at work, Victoria was confronted by an intruder who proclaimed his admiration for her; apparently he'd been watching her from a nearby house! When she irately ordered him to leave, his attitude changed abruptly and Victoria found herself seated in bondage on her bed! Neatly trussed in her blouse and skirt with a knotted white cleave spreading her lips, Victoria challenged her ropes with energetic futility but only managed to slip the shoes from her stockinged feet! Before the menacing neighbor departed, he bared the writhing secretary's plus- sized breasts, then escalated indignant Victoria's restraint with a hogtie!

Jenna Reid was in deep trouble and she knew it: Trapped in rope, the fresh- faced little brunette sat on a wooden chest in her black sweater and red skirt as a cloth wad was stuffed in her mouth and sealed in place with duct- tape! Jenna was mystified by her precarious situation, one that grew more alarming when the sweater was yanked up to bare her rope-framed breasts! If Jenna had any chance of escaping her rope web, it disappeared when her strappy sandals were removed and she was placed facedown on the chest, where she arched desperately in a cross-ankled hogtie, her bare feet flailing above her hands!

Corporate espionage didn't seem like that dangerous a venture to Riley Reyes, but her opinion changed drastically after she was detained by harsh security operatives. Standing bound in her blouse, skirt and heels, fair-haired Riley was a strikingly attractive -- and credible -- figure as she fervently denied guilt; even after she was gagged with a knotted cleave, Riley tried to maintain an air of unfairly-suspected innocence! She might have gotten away with her scheme if a savvy female security officer hadn't suggested opening her blouse; Riley's defense collapsed when her interrogators discovered a thumb drive taped between her breasts! A busted spy, Riley was left to balance on her stockinged feet as she dreamed of being rescued!

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