My Prisoner In Bondage: Veronica June

Release Date: Oct.30.2017
Running Time: 0:43:3
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Victoria June

When Victoria June rushed to answer a knock at her door, she was seized by a giant operative who would dominate her throughout a day of intimidating bondage! Clad in a skintight, semi- transparent garment, the curvaceous playgirl trembled as her wrists and ankles were bound with tape; when Victoria denied the brutal intruder's accusation that she was a thief, he stuffed cloth in her mouth, then secured it with strips of duct-tape! After her top was yanked down and she was stretched out on her couch, Victoria discovered that his style of interrogation relied heavily on fondling her breasts and mouthing her bare feet!

If Victoria thought that her nemesis would become frustrated and disappear if only she maintained her innocence, she was quickly disappointed. Seated on a lounge, her naked body coiled with the duct-tape that also sealed her lips, the voluptuous girl twisted anxiously as he once again caressed breasts ingeniously circled by the hated tape! With contemptuous ease, he lifted Victoria's bound legs high in the air to accentuate the vulnerability of her blatantly exposed bare soles and pussy, then left her to writhe in frustration until she rolled onto on her side!

Victoria's situation seemed to be improving when she was allowed to dress in blouse, skirt and heels with the expectation that she'd be leaving her home. But when the mastermind's plans fell through, the stunned girl was trussed up, tethered to a wooden chair and ball-gagged! Straining uncomfortably against her bondage and drooling, Victoria at least was briefly spared the attentions of the man she'd come to despise; only for a few moments, however, because when he did return, he unbuttoned her blouse and subjected her rope- framed bosom to another interval of heavy-handed groping!

Once again deprived of her clothing, tape-gagged Victoria lay stretched out on her back, hands tethered above her head to one arm of the futon while her bare feet were hitched to the other arm. Although she was nude and powerless, spirited Victoria continued to struggle vigorously while the evil character searched her home. Resistance became more difficult, however, when he altered her restraint with vicious ingenuity by folding her legs back until her knees touched her breasts, then stretching a rope between her ankles and the futon arm where it was tightened next to her wrist-bonds! Legs pinned against her torso, Victoria could only squirm awkwardly, starkly aware that her most private parts had become shockingly public!

Whatever the larcenous scheme may have been, Victoria certainly must have regretted her involvement as she lay on her bed, once again naked, webbed with rope and gagged with duct- tape! Her triumphant oppressor stretched out next to her and crowed on the phone to his client about the success of his mission while casually handling Victoria's bound and wriggling body! Certainly a humiliating defeat for the beautiful nude but her vindictive enemy couldn't resist adding an extra measure of misery by leaving Victoria in a hogtie that ensured she'd be arching in ropework for hours to come!

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