Regrettable Bondage Misadventures

Release Date: Jul.30.2018
Running Time: 0:47:46
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Danni Rivers, Sabina Rouge, Jasmine Vega, Vienna Black, Victoria Steffanie

Detectives Danni Rivers and Sabina Rouge were enjoying summer sunshine when a suspicious establishment nearby aroused their investigative curiousity. Their encounter with the sleazy owner ended badly, however, with Danni and Sabina neatly trussed-up in their bikinis and squirming on lounge chairs next to a swimming pool; protests about their treatment were summarily answered with cleave-gags tied in place by the callous crook! Their bondage easily resisted the barefoot detectives' urgent struggling and when Danni tried to loosen her friend's ropework, she fell onto Sabina's chair and lay there writhing awkwardly while their captor chuckled.

Jasmine Vega's frilly blue teddy was pressed against her petite torso by knotted rope that pinned her hands behind her back; her exotic friend Vienna Black was subdued by similar ropework that stood out against a sheer black teddy accentuated by red roses. As they stood supported by rope-chain links, the bound girls shifted nervously on bare feet and mouthed ball-gags that inevitably caused them to drool. Moving carefully until they stood back-to-back, Jasmine and Vienna plucked at the knots controlling each other's wrists, but their limited success was thwarted when they were lowered onto their knees, where the pair leaned forward in harnessed submission!

Mobility became even more problematic for Jasmine and Vienna after their lingerie disappeared and they were stretched naked on a bed; wrists tied down above their heads and ankles hitched to the bottom rail, the tape-gagged girls could only twist slightly from side-to-side. Freed from this restraint, their bondage took a more rigorous turn after they were re-tied on their stomachs, bare feet pulled up close to their wrists and roped in place: Their strange journey concluded with Vienna and Jasmine arching in hogties!

Tall, blonde and so eye-catching in her tight white top and short black skirt, Victoria Steffanie was also upbeat as she looked forward to a great day -- too bad some nasty people had other plans for her! Those plans included holding onto Victoria for several hours, so the dazed beauty found herself seated on the floor of her bathroom, her wrists and ankles bound, and her soft lips spread by a knotted black cloth. Tight ropes were also coiled around breasts that were soon bared by heartless intruders, who left Victoria whimpering on her side and wondering how everything could have gone so wrong.

Whether clad in bikinis or wrapped in towels, Danni and Sabina were bondage magnets! Standing side-by-side, trapped in webs of rope and tape-gagged, the stunned friends twisted carefully on their bare feet as they whimpered in disbelief. Humiliation ensued when their breasts were bared and after Sabina's contortions caused her red towel to fall on the floor, her bound body was entirely exposed. Nudity for Danni soon followed, then the cynical intruder amused himself by ordering his playthings to rub their breasts together and bestow gag kisses on each other! 

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