The Poor Guy Snapped

Release Date: Jul.30.2018
Running Time: 0:41:29
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Alexa Grace, Harmony Wonder

The trio seemed so happy with each other at first, as lovely Alexa Grace introduced her new husband to her pretty niece Harmony Wonder. But disaster followed when the proud hubby briefly excused himself to make a call, then returned quietly to overhear Alexa mocking him and admitting to Harmony that she'd only married the loser for his money! Devastated by this confession, he vowed revenge that began when he caught Harmony alone; trussed-up in her black dress, her mouth stuffed with cloth and sealed with duct-tape, the stunned girl struggled alone on a wooden floor until she was discovered by Aunt Alexa. After the bitter spouse quickly seized her, barefoot Alexa sat bound and gagged next to Harmony in her colorful sundress, both powerless to do more than writhe anxiously as they awaited the unhinged man's next move!

Determined to humiliate Alexa and Harmony for the pain they'd caused him, the enraged man deprived them of their clothing, then demonstrated his mastery by compelling the bound and towel-clad pair to hop into the room where they'd conversed so happily a short time before. Aunt and niece then sat side-by- side on the couch, their nervous attempts to communicate limited by the white cloths tied between their lips. After their breasts were bared, Harmony and Alexa lay on their sides facing in opposite directions, a position they continued to maintain after the towels were pulled away to reveal their tightly-roped naked bodies!

Nudity remained a primary feature of their plight, with Alexa lying on her bed, wrists tethered above her head, while Harmony sat next to her tied in a chair. Persistent Harmony managed to loosen the ropes linking her ankles to the chair, then cautiously edged onto the bed close to Alexa, but despite intensive efforts, the energetic little brunette was unable to free herself or loosen the bonds pinning her aunt to the bed. Wearied by her struggles, Harmony lay next to Alexa, who was unable to do more than exchange tape-gag-muffled murmurs with her niece.

The disillusioned husband's desire for vengeance was still unappeased so Alexa was removed from the bed and roped to a wooden post in the corner of the bedroom. As the tall, slender nude stood tape-gagged and immobilized, naked niece Harmony sat a few feet away on a minature couch, her small body bound and twisting awkwardly as she tugged against an ankle tether. Harmony was left to battle her bondage alone when the angry husband made his final move by dragging Alexa away from the post and outdoors to his car. While her niece rolled onto the floor, still inescapably linked to the couch, the bound, gagged and naked wife sat in the car's front seat as her delighted spouse drove away with her! 

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