Bondage Retribution For Wicked MILF's

Release Date: Jul.08.2019
Running Time: 0:53:3
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Eden Wells, Farrah Fay

Although Eden Wells and Farrah Fay had a wonderful time reminiscing at their class reunion, their indiscreet gossip about a classmate later resulted in an alarming confrontation with the outraged man. He'd been mortified by their revelation of his youthful fascination with bondage but his vengeful response indicated that the obsession remained powerful. After ordering the stunned women to gag themselves with cloth-stuffing and duct-tape, he tossed rope to Eden, which she used to tie up Farrah. Once Eden roped her own ankles and knees, the bitter man bound her wrists, then watched in satisfaction as the anxious women sat struggling on a couch.

Reveling in his domination of the women who'd embarrassed him, the unrepentant bondage-lover ordered them to exchange their black dresses for colorful kimonos. After their flowing costumes were tightly coiled with rope and their lips spread with white cloth gags, Eden sat on the couch with Farrah below her on the floor. They maneuvered cautiously under his pitiless eyes before Eden slid to the floor so she could move back-to-back with her friend. Their oppressor sneered at the bound and gagged women's futile efforts to free themselves, then savored the sight of Eden squirming after she rolled onto her side.

The vendetta continued when the inventive man introduced his unhappy subjects to tape bondage. Dressed recreationally in tight tops and jeans, Eden and Farrah sat next to each other on the floor, their backs against a wooden cabinet. The barefoot women strained desperately against the unyielding tape controlling their wrists and legs; despite their lack of progress, a creative alteration ensued. No longer pinned behind their backs, Farrah and Eden's wrists were taped down close to their ankles so that their bodies were drawn forward in awkward restraint.

In different circumstances, Eden and Farrah would have been delighted by their visual appeal in flowery sun-dresses. But because their bodies were contorted by ropework that tethered them to wooden chairs, their knees crossed and ankles hitched to the chair-legs, neither woman could think of any subject other than escape from this disturbed former classmate. Their mobility was drastically impaired, however, so even freeing themselves from the chairs proved impossible; murmuring nervously behind their tape-gags, Eden and Farrah recognized that they were truly powerless.

Still tied-up, still tape-gagged, but at least Farrah and Eden could feel a twinge of hope because they'd been moved outdoors by their daring captor, where the chances of rescue by an alert neighbor were much greater. He was unconcerned that his bizarre payback scheme might be interrupted because the exultant man's focus was on two tightly bound barefoot blondes writhing once again in snug jeans and tops. Neither woman was willing to remain seated quietly in her oversize wooden chair, both twisting back and forth in frantic efforts to loosen each other's bonds. But it was Eden who acted most decisively by rising carefully and hopping away down a path so she could find a way to free both friends from the obsessive's clutches.

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