Duped Detectives: A Foxy Green Adventure

Release Date: Jul.08.2019
Running Time: 0:48:36
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Anya Ivy, Evelyn Claire

Detective Foxy Green's (Anya Ivy) failure to run a background check on her latest client caused considerable embarrassment because soon after hiring her, he grabbed the busty black beauty and held her in bondage! While tied and tape-gagged Foxy struggled nearby in a hidden niche, he then seized her associate Evelyn Claire, who sat bound and gagged next to her partner moments later. Once the rogue client slipped away, they worked hard attempting to loosen each other's numerous knots; creative Evelyn even slipped off her flats so she could pluck at Foxy's bonds with her bare toes. Ingenuity and energetic writhing failed to improve their situation, however, and the client from hell returned to prove that he wasn't finished with the distressed detectives.

Their clothing was different and so was their locale but their predicament was identical: Evelyn and Foxy once again were mastered with rope and silenced with tape. As they twisted nervously on the pristine white couch where he'd seated them, the barefoot detectives remained unable to comprehend their client's predatory behavior. Apparently even their modest challenges to his restraint was unacceptable to this baffling character because he added rope-links between Foxy and Evelyn's ankles, knees and waists that effectively froze them in place as they anxiously awaited his next unpleasant surprise.

What better way to confirm the detectives' humiliating defeat than by subjecting them to naked bondage? Seated a few feet apart on a wooden coffee table, Foxy and Evelyn were bound and cleave-gagged, their ankles tethered separately to the table's legs. A precise rope-web highlighted Foxy's impressive breasts, then an alteration that pinned her left leg to Evelyn's right opened their private parts to the client's callous scrutiny as they tugged pathetically against the bonds designed to embarrass them.

The ruthless client was proud of his leg-spreading strategy so he arranged a variation by inflicting thigh-to-ankle frog-ties on the hapless detectives. Nude and tape-gagged, Evelyn and Foxy sat on the floor, backs against a couch, and twisted with difficulty caused by their awkwardly restrained legs. Both were unwilling to submit meekly to the man who'd so grievously conned them, but their exertions concluded as they squirmed facedown in futility -- a forecast of an even more demanding restraint that would soon follow.

Yes, he'd saved the best for last -- back in the office where the client had hired them for what had appeared to be an ordinary investigation, Foxy and Evelyn lay naked, tape-gagged and hogtied on the carpet. The powerless detectives arched angrily against the ropes that drew their bare feet up close to their hands because at last they understood the client's diabolical motivation. Later, as Foxy and Evelyn lay trapped in rope on their sides, their eyes revealed the truth that their voices couldn't speak: They'd be released from bondage but would always be seen as failures in their profession.

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