Grab And Bind Of Melody Wylde: Bribery By Bondage

Release Date: Mar.20.2017
Running Time: 0:45:39
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Melody Wylde

First-time City Councilwoman Melody Wylde was still a politician with ideals, so she indignantly rejected the generous bribe offered by a power-broker who didn't take kindly to negative responses. Melody discovered just how rough politics in her city could get when an operative dispatched by the frustrated Mr. Wilson paid a visit to her home. After she was roped to a chair in her kitchen and gagged, Melody listened in disbelief when the intruder kindly suggested that she reconsider her answer to his employer's offer. When the courageous Councilwoman struggled furiously and murmured her angry defiance, Melody's breasts were bared and she was promised a difficult day if she stubbornly clung to her ideals! 

The intruder was as good as his word because after Melody was stripped to her panties, the petite politician was tied standing to a wooden post! Gagged with white tape, Melody strained and twisted against the ropes pinning her against the post, even rising on her toes in desperation. But when she maintained her resistance to the menacing man's demand that she take the bribe like all Wilson's other puppets, the stakes were raised by lowering her panties and installing a crotch-rope! 

Freed from the post but completely nude, Melody sat ball-gagged and tightly bound on top of the kitchen counter! There the powerless politician listened in disbelief as the despicable operative opened a new channel of intimidation. He chuckled while proposing a scenario in which the imagery of her naked plight went public, even suggesting a tabloid headline: Kinky Councilwoman Caught In The Act! Frantic to escape, Melody tried to edge off the counter but was easily trapped in an even more restrictive ball-tie! 

No doubt about it -- as Melody rattled the chains that linked her handcuffs to those circling her ankles, she resembled a B&D neophyte much more closely than an ambitious officeholder! The contortions that raised Melody's bare soles high in the air and resulted in spread-legged pussy exposure elicited sarcastic exclamations from the cynical character. When she recognized that her cuffed hands could still reach the duct-tape gag, Melody tried to peel it off but she was foiled before she could succeed. Hands cuffed behind her and connected to her chained ankles, Melody arched futilely on the leather couch in a metallic hogtie! 

Melody's mind told her that she was fighting a battle that she couldn't win, but her spirit refused to surrender. So she found herself back in the chair where her arduous trial began, but unclothed and more securely pinned to its metal frame. Humiliating exposure recurred after Melody's legs were untied and her ankles tethered far back on either side of the chair to open her thighs wide; eyes anxiously searching from side-to- side above the tape stifling her voice, Melody still held out hope for rescue -- but how long could she continue to believe in a cause that seemed lost?

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