Crashing The Cheerleader Reunion

Release Date: Apr.02.2018
Running Time: 0:56:25
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Katya Rodriguez, Aspen Romanoff

To no one's surprise, the Cheerleader Reunion was Aspen Romanoff's idea. Blonde, curvy and cute, Aspen was the very model of a cheerleader, and the years when she shook the pompoms were the best of her life, so she smiled blissfully while discussing her plans on the phone. Aspen loved wearing her uniform for hours every day because she believed that only good things happened when she was clad in the purple and gold -- a belief that would be shattered by the events that followed! Aspen had forgotten that there were girls who she and her friends had excluded from their starry circle; now one of them had breached the circle and this angry woman had payback on her mind! Securely trussed and tape- gagged, the little blonde writhed in disbelief as she was castigated for bullying, then shamed by having her skirt pulled down and her sneakers removed! Greater humiliation followed for the no longer cheerful Aspen after her panties were yanked to her knees and she squirmed bare-bottomed on her bed!

With Aspen rolling around in bondage, the vengeful intruder awaited the arrival of Katya Rodriguez, who'd been chatting happily on the phone with her friend only a short time earlier. Dressed like Aspen in her cheerleader costume, the slender brunette also succumbed to rope and tape, before sitting meekly in a brown leather recliner while she too was accused of ill- treating those not as socially gifted. Also like Aspen, Katya was deprived of her sneakers and skirt, then rearranged so that she lay anxiously cradled by the chair- arms, her knees folded close to her chest. A more punitive and less comfortable position followed for Katya when she knelt backward in the chair after her panties were pulled down to her knees!

If the cheerleaders thought their unexpected enemy had sated her desire for revenge they were sadly mistaken. Reunited with her friend in Aspen's bedroom, Katya lay facedown on the bed; she'd been allowed to put her skirt back on but was tied and tape- gagged. Although Aspen was freed from rope, the raging woman compelled her to tickle Katya's feet, first over the white socks, then exercising her fingernails directly on the powerless girl's slender bare soles! After tantalizing Katya's feet, reluctant Aspen was ordered to spank her friend once the skirt and panties were lowered; although the petite blonde tried to minimize her blows, the relentless woman demanded rigorous efforts with a paddle that soon reddened Katya's bare bottom! The exercise in disciplinary humiliation concluded with Aspen simultaneously spanking and tickling her wriggling friend.

Their exultant nemesis certainly wasn't about to let Aspen escape with her soles and bottom untouched, so roles were reversed as soon as the angry cheer- queen's wrists and ankles once again felt the bite of knotted rope and her lips were sealed with duct- tape! Aspen's size-5 soles arched under Katya's fingers and her ass-cheeks reddened even more impressively than her companion's after the paddle smacked her bottom over and over again!

The implacable campaign of degradation gathered momentum after the cheerleaders lost their uniforms and shivered in nothing but their panties! Years ago, she may have been a shy nerd scorned by the mean girls, but the reunion-crasher had obviously learned some kinky lessons since they made her miserable. Curled up against the bed's headboard with her hands bound behind her, Katya grimaced while Aspen hesitantly inserted her bare toes between the dark-haired captive's lips! Aspen voiced her disgust, but the remorseless woman urged her on while Katya sucked toes and licked soles until they were sheened with moisture! Of course Aspen also received a generous opportunity to demonstrate her oral skills; her distasteful ordeal was highlighted by the moment when she mouthed Katya's entire left foot!

Their never-ending day of retribution did end at last -- but only after a thoroughly delighted woman savored a final chance to play with her bondage dolls. Kneeling face- to-face, Katya and Aspen meekly followed brusque directions to press their rope-framed breasts and duct-taped lips together. Pathetic hopes that they might be released from bondage or at least have their oppressive ropework loosened were dashed when the cheerless pair were introduced to hogties! Their panties yanked down, Aspen and Katya contorted on their stomachs, then rolled onto their sides and murmured wearily to each other after the departure of a very satisfied avenger.

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