Grab And Bind Of Shay Ruskin

Release Date: Sep.03.2018
Running Time: 0:44:55
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Shay Ruskin

Look who's back -- it's Shay Ruskin and she's still displaying all the provocative charm for which she's remembered! But Shay's gone too far this time, as she discovers when she attempts to blackmail an old friend. Instead of cash, Shay receives a snug rope garment followed by a mouthful of cloth topped by a dose of duct-tape! Left by herself, the bound and gagged extortionist squirms anxiously on a couch, then slides to the floor where she writhes on her stomach and kicks up her bare feet in frustration.

Do you really think you're just going to walk away after a brief taste of bondage discipline, Shay? Stripped to her shorts, tethered to an office chair and gagged with an intrusive white cloth, the bare-breasted blackmailer begins to grasp what a huge mistake she's made. A slim chance to escape her predicament arises when Shay spies her mark's phone on a nearby desk. Carefully wheeling the chair until she can raise her legs, the desperate woman attempts to manipulate the device with her toes, but her alert captor quickly puts a halt to the acrobatic effort, then leaves poor Shay with her legs secured to the desk!

Deeper and deeper into retribution for her ill-advised attempt to squeeze a fortune from her friend, Shay mouths a ball-gag and strains in futility against the ropework tethering her to a bed's headboard; thong panties are all that remains between the busty bad-girl and full nudity! "How can things get any worse?", wonders Shay; she soon receives an unpleasant answer to her question when a hogtie leaves her arching on her stomach and tugging on a wrist-ankle link that refuses to budge!

Shay never found the massage concept very appealing, so being tied down panty-clad on a massage table offers no relief from her strenuous introduction to bondage. Her wrists and ankles secured to the ends of the table, breasts framed by rope, Shay twists and whimpers, then gasps when her legs are folded back against her torso. A very remorseful grifter trapped in a rope web, Shay can't escape the disturbing sense of vulnerability overwhelming her!

The potential blackmailee's highly successful intimidation campaign concludes with Shay sitting securely bound in a hard wooden chair; she's been permitted to clothe herself in a tight minidress. Although the tape-gag wrapped around her neck nullifies speech, Shay vigorously nods her assent when informed that she'll soon be released as long as she promises to never cause trouble again. Satisfied that his problem's been solved, Shay's intended victim leaves her to struggle through a final encounter with oppressive rope- restraint!

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