Unusual Bondage Events

Release Date: Apr.02.2018
Running Time: 0:45:39
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ryan Ryans, Valentina Nappi, Veronica Kirei, Charlotte Stokely, Summer Brooks

Pinned down on a massage table, beauteous nude Ryan Ryans twisted feebly in her rope web as if she were a specimen in the clutches of a mad scientist! The hooded character who gagged Ryan with black tape wasn't motivated by scientific curiosity, however, merely the desire to intimidate a gorgeous woman. To accomplish this goal, he flourished a macabre skull above her rope-framed breasts, lowered it inches away from her wide eyes, then used it to playfully nibble on her bare toes! After he vanished, the skull remained on Ryan's stomach, its bony jaw clamped on a rope and symbolically dominating the enticing captive who writhed anxiously beneath it!

A naked heroine tied down on a bed, mouth stuffed and duct- taped by a yet another hooded villain -- raven-haired struggler Valentina Nappi knew she was in deep trouble! What Valentina couldn't foresee was that her bound ankles would be freed, only to be tied on either side of the bed. With her legs spread wide, Valentina's pussy became the resting place for a vibrating device that animated the spreadeagled nude's contortions to an entirely different level -- one that at least granted her a satisfactory conclusion!

What a shocking transformation for Veronica Kirei -- from playfully shooting nude selfies with her phone to squirming in bondage on her bed! Bound hand and foot by an intruder, gagged with duct-tape over medwrap, leggy Veronica exerted impressive energy rolling around on the bed and kicking up her bare feet. Instead of freeing herself, Veronica merely annoyed the unwanted guest, who treated her to a frog-tie; thighs roped to ankles, the tenacious beauty refused to submit but remained in thrall to the daunting restraint!

Wide-eyed student Summer Brooks trembled as the hooded collector dragged her to a tall wooden post and bound her wrists behind it! Already gagged with mouth-stuffing and shining black tape wrapped around her head, sweet little Summer twisted apprensively on her white-socked feet as coils of rope were tightened around her neat grey jacket! Once her ankles and knees were tied, Summer stood dazed against the post, the picture of subdued innocence in her plaid skirt, jacket and blouse -- innocence that was provocatively challenged when her uniform was breached to bare her perky breasts!

Daringly attired in a fishnet body-stocking, Charlotte Stokely was rope- bound, tape-gagged and put on display. Charlotte strained furiously against her bondage on the platform where she'd been isolated, first twisting on her hip, then lying back to kick up her legs before kneeling and gasping in desperation! Even after a hogtie ensured the glamorous blonde's domination, Charlotte resisted the hateful restraint by defiantly arching her bowed body!

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