Shocking Bondage Disruptions

Release Date: Sep.03.2018
Running Time: 0:50:19
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Maya Bijou, Xeena Mae, Christiana Cinn, Danni Rivers, Lola Pearl

Maya Bijou got up late that day, so she was sleepily padding around in her top, shorts and slippers when they struck. As one of the hooded intruders tied her hands behind her, the other stuffed cloth into her mouth and tape- gagged her! After the first brute coiled rope around her chest, she was seated on a couch while the second taped her knees and ankles; there little Maya squirmed anxiously until her housemate Xeena Mae returned home. Unable to warn Xeena of impending danger, Maya could only watch as the hooded pair repeated the same ruthless process as the expense of the tall redhead! Bound, gagged and barefoot, the two friends first huddled together on the floor, then rolled onto their sides, but escape was out of the question.

Their bizarre experience escalated after Maya and Xeena lost their clothing and were tethered to wooden chairs. Naked bodies coiled with rope and lips spread by ball-gags, the powerless pair eyed each other nervously while straining against bondage that successfully resisted their contortions. These uncomfortable positions became even more distressing for Xeena and Maya after their legs were spread wide around the chair-legs and one of the disguised men silently walked behind them, then tipped the chairs backward one after the other! When they were finally left alone in their home, the bewildered girls continued to battle the mysterious restraint that had enveloped them.

Clad in a very tight and colorful minidress, sultry Christiana Cinn ran afoul of a menacing host who prevented her from leaving his lair with the traditional application of rope. When Christiana strongly objected to his methods, he silenced her with duct-tape; it didn't take long for him to discover that her eye- catching dress could easily be re-arranged to reveal breasts that were even more visually stimulating! Christiana's high heels soon disappeared and her bare toes pressed against the floor as she sat tethered on the edge of a square platform. Her bare soles received more attention after indignant Christiana was hogtied on top of the platform, where she expended impressive energy in an unsuccessful effort to free herself.

What kind of monster would tie up sweet little Danni Rivers in her blue- and-gold cheerleader costume, gag her with microfoam tape and hold her as part of a despicable plot? How about someone so invested in winning a cheer contest that they were willing to use Danni as a bargaining chip? Unwilling to sit and wait for rescue, the plucky girl managed to loosen the rope tethering her to a chair and hop to a nearby door. But just as Danni was about to open it, she was caught, then placed on the floor, her legs folded by a waist-ankle rope; still struggling courageously, she rolled onto her side, where she had no choice but to wait for a hero -- or heroine -- to arrive!

Her tall, slender body costumed in a pink teddy and sheer white garter stockings, Lola Pearl became the ideal bondage doll once her limbs were firmly controlled by white rope and her mouth invaded by a black ball-gag! Lola writhed and twisted on the bed where she'd been confined with all the intensity of a classic heroine, even after her mobility was restricted by a rope-link to the headboard as she lay on her stomach. The final act in Lola's drama arrived when her legs were separated and her ankles connected separately to the bedposts; her facedown wriggling offered an even more impressive view of her round bottom than before! 

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