Bella And Natalie's Bondage Partnership

Release Date: Jan.13.2020
Running Time: 0:40:11
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Bella Rolland, Natalie Knight

heir unstable former partner claimed that Bella Rolland and Natalie Knight had unfairly squeezed her out of the company they'd founded together. When she came calling, Natalie was ordered to make a substantial wire transfer to her account while Bella sat bound and gagged on the floor. Once the money was moved, ropes were tightened around the petite blonde's neat jacket, a cloth was tied between her lips and she joined her partner in bondage. Thirsting for revenge, the bitter woman humiliated Bella by exposing her breasts, then watched in satisfaction as the barefoot Amazon writhed awkwardly on her side while Natalie whimpered anxiously.

The sight of the women she considered her enemies wriggling at her feet stoked this obsessive's sense of power so the vendetta continued. Stripped to her bra and panties, tied and tape-gagged Natalie was cradled in the arms of her towering partner; Bella, also gagged, obediently carried Natalie to the chair where she'd be confined, then surrendered her powerful body to rope and took a seat next to her friend. Before long, Bella's breasts were bared again but this time Natalie's nipples also emerged, then the bound and gagged women were rearranged onto one chair. Thrilled by her campaign of embarrassment, their paranoid ex-partner smirked at the sight of Natalie straddling Bella's lap with their chests in awkward proximity; toe-tying added an extra touch to their restraint.

Both naked, Bella stood behind Natalie, her long arms draped around her almost foot-shorter friend; determined that the women she despised endure more unwelcome togetherness, their nemesis demanded that Bella keep her bound wrists close to Natalie's nipples. After savoring their uncomfortable contortions, she separated the ball-gagged nudes, then treated them to ropework that left them supported by overhead links as they stood side-by-side. Twisting carefully on their bare feet, Bella and Natalie turned and leaned closer to each other, their eyes wide with apprehension at their strange plight.

What better way for this crazed woman's visit to end than with her trussed-up naked foes kneeling, confessing the wrongs they've done to her and begging for mercy? After she heard those satisfying words, Natalie and Bella had their voices muffled with duct- tape, then they curled up meekly on their hips and waited hopefully for the departure of this former colleague who'd so ruthlessly mastered them. But before leaving, she sprung a final nasty surprise that left Bella and Natalie squirming facedown on the floor as hogtied partners in this venture that went so very wrong.

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