The Lemon Thief Captured And Punished

Release Date: Aug.12.2019
Running Time: 0:48:12
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Eden Wells

When her neighbor caught Eden Wells reaching over the wall to purloin lemons from his tree, he decided to administer some creative personal justice. After Eden's wrists were tied behind her and she was tape- gagged, the righteous neighbor took her indoors, where more rope was tightened around her little flowery dress. Astonished by his reaction to what she considered to be harmless harvesting of fruit he'd never miss, Eden struggled vigorously on the couch where she'd been left after he finished lecturing her. Although she writhed even more furiously after sliding onto the floor, Eden remained an emphatically bound and gagged prisoner.

Eden's lesson in the perils of larceny continued after she changed into a snug red dress, then was once again securely tied and placed in an office chair. The black tape-gag sealing her lips heightened the alarm in her eyes as she twisted in uncomfortable restraint that became more restrictive when additional bonds tethered her ankles to the chair-leg and her upper body to the chair's back. With Eden pinned in place and her shoes removed, the formidable neighbor emphasized his "Thou Shalt Not Steal" message by tickling her ribs and bare feet. When he removed the tape from her mouth, Eden hoped that the bizarre encounter was over; instead he placed a lemon between her lips to foreshadow her next gag.

How ironic that the lemon thief then awkwardly mouthed a yellow sphere held in place by strips of transparent tape. Casually clothed in a tight top and knee-pants, Eden sat bound and barefoot against a wall as she pondered the sour sensation of her lemon-gag; her disciplinarian mercifully removed it but retained the tape to muffle her calls for help. First curling up against the wall, then rolling around on the floor, Eden exerted impressive energy battling ropework that highlighted her curvaceous body but failed to loosen the knots controlling her.

Still not satisfied that Eden understood the seriousness of her transgression, the zealous neighbor moved her to a standing position that stabilized her bound body with a rope attached overhead. Gagged with a white cloth, Eden twisted carefully in her colorful blouse and tight skirt until she was transferred to a long-legged chair. Rope coiled around her waist and thighs held Eden in place as the desperate woman waged yet another losing battle against the bondage that never seemed to end.

The final chapter in a story that Eden would do her best to forget unfolded with her body quite strictly folded into a hogtie. Back in her workout garb, Eden arched facedown on a bed, her toe-tied bare feet hitched above her hands. Later, lying immobilized on her side, the powerless woman could only await release from the inescapable bonds by the man who'd carefully crafted them to dominate her. 

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