Upstanding Young Women Ruthlessly Restrained

Release Date: Mar.11.2019
Running Time: 0:51:31
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Chanel Preston, Samantha Hayes, Maya Kendrick, Blair Watson, Scarlett Bloom, Paige Owens

When Chanel Preston learned that some family clothing had been given away, she immediately went to recover it because a valuable heirloom had been hidden in one of the suits. But her initiative went badly awry when she confronted a supposedly charitable collector who was anything but; tied up in her blouse and skirt, the buxom brunette sat stunned in his shabby dwelling, eyes wide above her knotted black gag. Later, as Chanel rolled around bound and helpless on the floor, she regretted her hasty decision to play the heroine.

Samantha Hayes donated her time during the holidays at a gift drop-off room intended to benefit the disadvantaged. Sadly, the generous young woman was confronted by someone who came to take instead of giving. To prevent her from interfering with the theft, Samantha was trussed up in her bright-red blouse, black skirt and heels, then seated against a wall with a ball-gag strapped in her mouth. Struggling energetically, Samantha succeeded only in freeing her stockinged feet from her shoes, then rolled awkwardly onto her side after she was hobbled by a rope-link between her waist and ankles.

Although Maya Kendrick couldn't fathom the motive for her plight, the knotted coils of rope oppressing her slender body were much easier to comprehend. Surprised after work, Maya sat on her bed in sweater, skirt and heels and twisted anxiously in bondage while murmuring behind the duct-tape sealing her lips. When she slipped off her shoes and tried to edge off the bed, the bewildered girl was checkmated with a hogtie that left Maya arching desperately on her stomach as she flexed her stockinged feet!

Blair Watson sensed that she was not alone as soon as she entered her home, so the nervous executive tried to hide. her effort proving futile, however, Blair was trapped and soon sat on the floor, her pinstriped blazer tightened against her body by rope and her voice muffled by a cloth tied over her mouth. After seizing the sensitive documents that motivated his theft, the mean-spirited intruder left Blair curled-up barefoot and bare-breasted, her legs folded by a waist-ankle tether.

Ad agency interns Paige Owens and Scarlett Bloom used their cell-phone cameras to gain evidence of an agent's unscrupulous actions and were about to report him when he struck first. Subdued by rope and silenced with duct-tape, scholarly Paige and sexy Scarlett sat helpless on the floor while their phones were confiscated and laptops scoured of any further incriminating imagery. Left in bare-breasted and barefoot dishevelment by this vicious master of intimidation, the bound and gagged interns lay next to each other, pathetically aware of their humiliating defeat.

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