Get Foxy Green!

Release Date: Feb.04.2019
Running Time: 0:48:53
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Anya Ivy

Foxy Green (Anya Ivy) is one hot, street-savvy detective, so she had no problem throwing a scare into the elderly thug she was interrogating. Foxy's only fault is a tendency to get a little careless, which is why she didn't hear the quivering crook's boss sneaking up behind her back. Only when she was grasped in his powerful arms did Foxy recognize her peril and by then it was too late to escape. Seated on a chair in her tight blouse and short leather skirt, Foxy's curvaceous little body was secured by even tighter links of knotted rope. After the sexy detective refused to answer her captor's questions, she was silenced by cloth jammed in her mouth and held in place with a snug cleave-gag. Although Foxy struggled off the chair and onto the floor, she was unable to free herself from an alarming situation.

The disguised gangster was seriously annoyed by Foxy's resistance, so she was deprived of her clothing, then the bound and naked PI was seated on a couch for another round of questioning. The intricate ropework surrounding her breasts emphasized the impressive proportions that tempted this lecherous crook to perform a manual examination while Foxy squirmed. Still unwilling to reveal the nature of her investigation, the defiant detective was tape-gagged, then left to squirm in anxious solitude. When he returned, Foxy was placed on her side with her sensitive bare soles positioned for tickling; she continued to writhe on the couch after he was gone.

The very one-sided game continued once Foxy was allowed to cover her nudity with black bra and panties before she was roped standing against a wooden post. When Foxy remained unwilling to co- operate, her lips were once again spread by cloth-stuffing and covered with an overmouth gag. As she twisted in the rope web pinning her to the post, Foxy tried to remain courageous but her wide eyes and nervous murmurs revealed that she was fully aware of her peril. Before long, Foxy received another reminder of her powerless state when her bra was pulled aside so that those amazing bare breasts thrust through their rope framework.

The campaign of intimidation against Foxy escalated after she was returned to bare-skinned restraint and placed on a small platform. Gagged with duct-tape and blindfolded, the naked investigator fought against growing panic caused by her disorientation. When the blindfold was removed, Foxy learned that she was now being supervised by the superannuated henchman she'd pushed around earlier. Gloating at the reversal of fortune, he watched the bound little beauty strain angrily, then increased her immobility with additional ropes that folded her legs close to her chest.

Bedtime for Foxy, although a relaxing nap was definitely not on her agenda. Instead, tape-gagged and naked, she challenged bondage that frustrated her desperate efforts to escape its control. Foxy rolled around on bright red sheets and kicked up her bare feet as she lay on her stomach. A rope linking her wrists and ankles made her contortions more difficult, to the delight of the vengeful old henchman; he'd given up trying to get answers from the feisty PI and was satisfied to hold her until his boss reappeared. Foxy was in trouble deeper than ever before -- how could she ever find her way out? 

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