An Alarming Trend: Businesswomen In Bondage

Release Date: Dec.04.2017
Running Time: 0:49:28
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Jennifer Jacobs, Terra Mizu, Alexa Grace, Indica James, Tara Ashley, Khloe Kapri

Stylish art-gallery owner Jennifer Jacobs knows very well that it's awkward to cancel the sale of a valuable painting but when the payment fails to clear, she has no choice. But a stunning surprise awaits alluring dark-haired Jennifer when the buyer refuses to take no for an answer and she soon finds herself roped to a chair and gagged with a knotted cloth! According to the eccentric thief, she's now a fine example of his own artwork, one that becomes even more pleasing to his eye after he frees Jennifer's breasts from confinement by her tight top! Then he absconds with the painting, along with her pumps as a minor trophy, leaving the ripped-off beauty to writhe bare-breasted and barefoot!

Buxom businesswoman Terra Mizu finds herself in a very dark place when she sits dungeon-bound by a malevolent male! Conservatively-clad in a grey pinstripe jacket and skirt, trembling Terra's trussed with black rope, gagged with black tape and blind-folded with black cloth! Her eyes widen after the blindfold's removed and she strains against inescapable ropework while seated on a square platform; Terra's anxious expressions intensify after her ample breasts are bared! The innocent executive's plight culminates when she arches hogtied on top of the platform, her stockinged feet flexing only inches away from her bound wrists!

Sweet Alexa Grace is so close to escaping as she runs barefoot down the stairs in her blouse and skirt! But when she opens the front door, the lovely blonde secretary is confronted by another enemy and quickly prevented from further displays of athleticism by a restrictive rope web pinning her to the stair railing! Standing tied and tape-gagged, Alexa twists indignantly and glares at the intruders when her rope-framed breasts are exposed, then is relocated to the wooden floor where she curls up on her hip after her ankles are tethered close to her thighs!

Just another case of a hard-working young secretary being in the wrong place at the wrong time, which is why Indica James sits hitched to her chair, her jacket-blouse-and- skirt-clad body restrained by rope and her mouth made invisible by duct-tape! Despite an energetic challenge to her bonds, Indica really doesn't try to cause trouble for her unwelcome guest, but the mischievous fellow can't resist unbuttoning her blouse and removing her shoes. Nipples stiffening between parallel strands of rope and stockinged toes tapping against the floor, Indica writhes with even greater dedication; bondage has the last word, however, as the unhappy captive's vocal efforts remain hopelessly garbled by her gag!

What a disturbing sight -- two neatly-dressed young women seated on the floor, backs against an opened safe, both of them bound, gagged and blindfolded! It's undoubtedly the aftermath of a robbery that's caught up enterpreneur Tara Ashley and her assistant Khloe Kapri in its knotted coils of rope and holds the struggling pair tenaciously despite their vigorous efforts to free themselves. Tara and Ashley do succeed in shaking off their blindfolds, and their high heels slip off their bare feet, but oppressive bonds remain secure around blouses and jackets even as they roll about on the floor and utter cries for help that are muffled by the tape covering their mouths!

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