Bound Bankers Bring Big Bucks

Release Date: Dec.04.2017
Running Time: 0:46:54
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Chanel Preston, Zoe Clark

Bank manager Chanel Preston was enjoying a rare day off and waiting for the return of her assistant/lover Zoe Clark when her happy life was chilled by the intrusion of evil! Dressed for relaxation in a tight top and panties, barefoot Chanel trembled on her bed as a hooded invader tied her wrists behind her back, gagged her with duct- tape, then negated her mobility by roping her ankles together! After more rope was tightly webbed around her chest, the bound and gagged banker at first sat meekly against the bed's headboard. But when she heard the mysterious figure announce before he left the room that Zoe would be his next target, Chanel thrashed about frantically on the bed against bondage that refused to loosen!

The nightmarish figure was true to his word, for when petite blonde Zoe entered her pastel pink and blue bedroom, he struck with identical impact! Barefoot and wearing only a flowery top and black panties, Zoe whimpered in disbelief as she was gagged and trussed on her bed, then left to struggle against the ropework mastering her small body! Once she was secured, the mysterious man revealed his scheme in all its viciousness: Freed from her restraint and dressed in business- like blouse, skirt and heels, Chanel was handed a large bag and ordered to return when it was filled with cash from her bank's vault! To prevent her from thwarting his plan, Chanel was graphically reminded that her sweet little girlfriend lay bound, gagged and powerless only a few feet away!

Zoe's plight dominated her decision-making, so Chanel abandoned all her professional standards and made the unorthodox withdrawal. Her reward, when she returned with the bagful of cash, was a new encounter with bondage; tautly roped in her blouse and skirt, tape-gagged and tethered to a chair, Chanel sat next to Zoe, identically subdued in her top and panties! While the mastermind crowed about his shameful triumph and examined the bag to ensure that he hadn't been double- crossed, Chanel murmured consolingly to the shaken Zoe. Intoxicated by his new- found wealth, the vile thief bared the bound women's breasts, then shifted their chairs so that Zoe and Chanel faced each other.

Any normal evildoer would have been satisfied to leave with his loot in the knowledge that his pawns would be incommunicado for hours. But this disguised disgrace was anything but normal, so after Chanel and Zoe were deprived of their clothing, they sat on the floor, their nude bodies tautly coiled with rope, their lips once again sealed by duct-tape! Humiliating enough for the fine young businesswomen, but as a final insult, Zoe and Chanel were placed facedown on the carpet and hogtied; at last relieved of his loathsome presence, the lovers engaged in claustrophobic contortions to free themselves, all too aware that their troubles wouldn't come to an end once they'd escaped the hated ropes!

Chanel and Zoe were such impressive performers in their primary roles that we gave them the opportunity to shine in an outdoor environment for this bonus scene. Along with their tops, our favorite buxom brunette wore distressed denims and thrust her bare feet into flat sandals while our new blonde sprite favored tight holeless jeans and sneakers; once again side-by-side on a wicker couch next to a swimming pool, Chanel and Zoe sat tied and tape-gagged. After brief struggles, our hapless heroines received yet another visit from a villain, who removed their footwear and tested the sensitivity of both pairs of appealing bare soles; although Chanel reacted appealingly, it was clear that Zoe was the one most strikingly cursed by the dreaded tickle gene! Once he'd had his fill of their giggling, the bad guy slunk away, but left his playthings back-to-back with their legs stretched out over the arms of the couch, so those enticing bare feet continued to arch prominently!

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