Home Invaders Capture Couples

Release Date: Jul.02.2017
Running Time: 0:44:4
Category: Captured Couples

Starring: Holly Manning, Gerard, Cassidy Klein, Lucas Frost, Amarna Miller, Jean Feliz, Carissa Montgomery, Jay Smooth, Alexis Ferreira, Paolo Pasolini

A conniving couple take control of Holly Manning and Gerard in their home as the first act in a bank robbery; while bank officer Gerard accompanies the male thief to make a withdrawal, Holly remains as a bound and gagged guarantee that her husband won't try to go off-script! When the guys return with the cash, Gerard roped into a chair next to Holly Manning, who's now more securely bound and also barefoot because the greedy female felon has stolen her boots!

Cassidy Klein and Lucas Frost share bondage that begins with her lying facedown and naked on the bed and him tied to a chair in his underwear! When Lucas maneuvers the chair to remove Cassidy Klein's gag, the intruders relocate him on the floor and hogtie her!

Jean Feliz's wicked associates decide to send him a loud message, so they grab and tie him and his lovely girlfriend Amarna Miller up. They're stripped, him to his underwear, her down to her birthday suit, tape gagged and struggle against the ropes!

Jay Smooth owes big money to a bad guy who comes calling one night when Jay's out and about. Carissa Montgomery is surprised in her bed, then tied up and gagged in her red teddy before Jay returns home. When Jay finally returns, he joins Carissa Montgomery in bondage. Both are cleave-gagged, bound kneeling and tethered to the bed-frame; with Carissa's breasts bared!

Con artists Paolo Pasolini smooth talks his way into Alexis Ferreira's home and has the sexy secretary tied up on the floor. He gloats as she helplessly struggles but when his female partner shows up he ends up trussed beside Alexis! The two struggle together and eventually Alexis is able to work with the con artist to free herself from the ropes!

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