Dangerous Diva's Bondage Map Quest

Release Date: Apr.09.2017
Running Time: 0:56:41
Category: Dangerous Diva

Starring: Kristen Scott, Vanessa Veracruz, Loren Chance

Vanessa Veracruz phones her partner Kristen Scott with a warning: Someone may be watching us, so we'll have to be cautious when we meet and bring the two halves of the map together! But that meeting will never take place because as soon as Vanessa's off the phone, she's pounced on by the Dangerous Diva! Swiftly gagged with duct tape, a dazed Vanessa kneels on the couch where she'd been curled up in lingerie, while the sneering Mistress Of Evil binds her hands behind her, then coils rope tautly around Vanessa's curvaceous bosom! Once she's securely bound, Vanessa's breasts are bared and fondled by the Diva, who informs her squirming plaything that she's aware of the map scheme -- and that she knows Vanessa has her half concealed on her phone! Whimpered denials simply elicit laughter from the Wicked Cat, who pushes Vanessa onto her stomach, ties her ankles together, then tickles those tender size-5 bare soles! After thoroughly entertaining herself at Vanessa's expense, she abruptly concludes her visit by hogtying her prey, appropriating the phone and leaving to stalk Kristen! Overwhelmed by this maleficent force, what can Vanessa do but arch in powerless despair?

Kristen can't understand why Vanessa doesn't answer her calls, although we know there's a very good reason! And Kristen herself will soon taste the Diva's wrath; sneaking up behind the petite girl seated at her desk, the Crime Queen gags her with a knotted cleave! After pulling Kristen out of her chair, the Diva takes control of her small body by webbing rope around her wrists, arms and chest. Seated once again, Kristen's ankles are bound and she's pinned to the chair, where the Woman In Black eagerly opens her blouse for some playful breast- caressing and nipple-teasing! Nor does the Diva ignore Kristen's dainty feet; freed of their shoes, they're lifted so that mischievous gloved fingers can tantalize a pair of soft foot- bottoms! Phone in hand, our anti-heroine at last abandons Kristen to bound and gagged misery -- but after struggling in isolation, her eyes widen when she sees the Diva return. The Dangerous One is not in a good mood, because Kristen's phone does not contain that half-map she expected; briskly removing her gag, the Diva demands to know its location. But Kristen's courageous and refuses to comply -- a response that simultaneous annoys and energizes our villainess, because it means she'll be spending more time with the exquisite Ms. Scott!

Kristen tries to prevent herself from shivering -- not an easy task when you've been stripped to your panties and tied face-down on a massage table covered in plastic wrap! When she again refuses to co-operate with the Diva, Kristen's gagged with microfoam tape, then the frustrated Larcenous Lady launches a full-body tickling initiative against the hapless subject of her interrogation! With her ankles tethered to the table, Kristen's little bare feet receive much of the Diva's attention, but the strong gloved hand also deliver a noisy message to her quivering bottom! Tickled, spanked but still defiant, Kristen receives the Diva's grudging respect -- but also a hogtie that leaves her arching on the table while her oppressor searches for a new means of intimidation!

And who could blame Kristen for being intimidated now that she's trussed naked to the bondage horse in a mysterious room? She still refuses to answer the Diva's inquiry,however, so sweet Kristen's gagged with mouth-stuffing and duct-tape before the impatient interrogator casually tests the resistance of her breasts and feet! The Mean Cat also muses that such a slender young lady might have a very specific weakness -- then reveals Kristen's literal Achilles heel by rubbing an ice-cube against her toe-tied bare feet! Her resistance dissolves while the Diva slowly tracks the ice up her leg and onto her stomach before pressing it against the shivering girl's breasts! When the tape's peeled from her lips, Kristen spits out the soaked cloth wad and wearily gives the answer the Diva's been waiting for. Her plaintive request to be released draws laughter from the triumphant villainess, who replaces the tape, then leaves the bound and gagged nude so she can confirm the location of the second phone that Kristen's been hiding! 

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