Anny Aurora's Memorable Diva Encounter

Release Date: Oct.08.2018
Running Time: 1:03:24
Category: Dangerous Diva

Starring: Anny Aurora, Xandra Sixx, Loren Chance

Xandra Sixx was a skeptic, a useful frame of mind for a journalist. In several articles, Xandra had contended that the legendary Dangerous Diva was a creation of over- imaginative publicity seekers; she doubled down by challenging the Diva to come after her. When the so-called Queen of Crime failed to materialize, Xandra was convinced that she'd won, a belief she communicated to her guest from Germany, Anny Aurora, as they spoke on the phone. Shortly after ending the call, however, Xandra's house of cards came tumbling down when the nightmare- in-a-catsuit invaded her space. Once she had the regretful writer suitably subdued with rope and gagged with tape, the Diva vividly demonstrated to Xandra that the tales of bondage and domination told about her were all too true.

Energized by her pleasurable revenge, the Diva left one bound and gagged blonde on her way to create another -- Anny had come to visit Xandra and share her insights about what she called the Diva Myth, but like her friend she'd meet a woman whose wicked energy would brand her memory! The lovely German girl was jet-lagged from her long trip across the Atlantic, so she was about to take a nap when the Dangerous One struck. After binding Anny's wrists behind her, the Diva tape- gagged her, then coiled rope around her dark-blue nighty before hauling her onto the bed. Anny trembled as this fearsome apparition bared and fondled her breasts; briefly left alone, she rolled around the bed in desperation but there'd be no escape from the Diva on this day!

Dangerous Diva's sly sense of humor came to the fore when she costumed her luscious German captive in a colorful dirndl; once the beautiful barmaid was roped to a bedpost, black-gloved hands strapped a red ball-gag between her lips. The Diva admired her struggling prey, then produced a pair of scissors that she used to cut away the costume's frilly bodice so that Anny's enticing breasts were again on vulnerable display! As soon as the intimidated girl's nipples had been sufficiently teased, the exhilarated cat-burglar pulled down her panties and delicately stroked her pussy.

Wait a minute -- what's going on here? The ropework's on another body and it's the not-so-dangerous Diva seated bound and ball-gagged next to the bed while bare- breasted Anny revels in taking control! Hopping onto the bed, Anny dangles her long legs around the Diva's writhing body so she can play with the woman who'd toyed with her. After pushing the angry evil-doer onto her side, the laughing blonde rests her bare feet on the sleek catsuit; the Diva's humiliation concludes as she arches hogtied with Anny lying next to her, the smile of domination lighting her face! SORRY, ANNY, IT'S ONLY A FANTASY -- YOU'RE STILL TIED TO THE POST!

Working hard to ensure that Anny never forgets her visit, the Diva confined her standing in a shower stall, her naked body oppressed with black rope and her lips spread with a thick black cleave-gag -- what a contrast between the shivering bound nude and her black-clad oppressor! But there was much more in store for Anny once she was roped to a chair with her legs spread; taut strings crossed between her thumbs and big toes to hold her bare soles in place for the demonic Diva to tantalize with fingers, electronic toothbrush and rubber bands!

It was almost time for the Diva to bid farewell, but she couldn't resist having a bit more fun at Anny's expense. With her plaything sitting next to the bed, the Dark One rested her high-heeled boots on Anny's shoulders before pushing the trussed and tape-gagged captive onto her side for use as a footstool! The Diva's final touch was a tether between Anny's ankles and chest harness that folded her legs into a hogtie; as she arched on her stomach, Anny watched those black boots striding arrogantly out through her suite's bedroom door. Humiliated and helpless, she'd learned the hard way that the Diva was no myth! 

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