Bella's Bodyguard Training

Release Date: Apr.15.2019
Running Time: 0:47:11
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Bella Rolland

Beautiful, athletic and six-feet tall, Bella Rolland was also well- qualified to be a bodyguard. But a potential new client was skeptical and demanded that Bella demonstrate her ability to deal with menacing situations before he would hire her. The position he was offering paid extremely well so Bella was willing to deal with his eccentricity, which is why she accepted the application of restrictive ropework. Sitting tied to a chair in her blouse, denim shorts and sandals, the lovely brunette was silenced with cloth stuffing and duct-tape, then matched her strength against bondage that defied her efforts. To emphasize the seriousness of Bella's predicament, her would-be employer bared her breasts and feet.

Although he commended Bella's spirited resistance to her bondage, the perfectionist warned her that she might confront even more harrowing challenges as his bodyguard. This prediction took shape as naked restraint that pinned Bella face-up on a table, her arms tied behind her head. After a cloth wad filled her mouth again and tape sealed her lips, the spirited nude twisted in her rope web and kicked up her bare feet. Her toe-tied feet were soon immobilized, however, when a striking alteration spread Bella's legs wide by tethering them separately to the table-legs so that maximum pussy-exposure was generated.

Released from her embarrassing table bondage, Bella wondered if her unconventional job audition was over; instead she soon found herself kneeling tied, cleave-gagged and still naked on the floor. As a strong young woman, Bella was especially frustrated because her hands and arms had been rendered powerless but she continued to strive for release by straining on her knees before rolling around on the carpet. Her long-legged exertions proved futile, however, to the disappointment of a man whose expectations were so high.

Believing that Bella might react more successfully to her bondage encounters if she were clothed, he allowed her to wear a tight sweater, skirt and pantyhose. Her body tautly oppressed with rope and lips spread by a knotted black gag, Bella was stashed in a bedroom, from which she emerged after opening the door with her stockinged feet. Although the bound and gagged job- seeker's confidence had been severely weakened by her previous failures, she edged stubbornly down the wooden-floored hallway on her bottom until the vigilant interviewer interfered. Bella's legs were then folded by a rope snaking between her waist and ankles; energetic attempts to fight its immobilizing impact backfired and left the defeated beauty squirming awkwardly on her side.

Bella was clad athletically in a tight sleeveless top and dark yoga pants but her contest with knotted coils of rope and duct- tape proceeded just as one-sidedly as before. The barefoot struggler at first sat in the embrace of a large armchair, her long legs stretched out onto a nearby sofa. Before long, though, Bella's contortions caused her to descend from the chair, and brought her writhing body into familiar but discouraging proximity with the floor. Bella's determination never wavered despite hours of failure to free herself from rope entanglement, so we can only hope she was rewarded with the job.

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