Fast Tracking The Ivy League

Release Date: Apr.15.2019
Running Time: 0:48:29
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Adira Allure, Vanna Bardot

Ditzy students Adira Allure and Vanna Bardot received an offer they couldn't refuse: Full scholarships at a prestigious school in return for a small favor. That required favor was an afternoon of struggling in bondage for an important academic official who appreciated such enthusiastic contortions. So Adira and Vanna happily submitted to ropes securing their arms and legs, as well as mouth-stuffing and duct-tape gags, then sat provocatively twisting on a couch in their tight sleeveless tops and short skirts. After Vanna's sneakers were removed and Adira's flats disappeared,the sexy pals posed their bare feet side-by-side while wriggling next to each other; with a twinkle in her eye, Vanna then raised her legs onto her friend's lap and teased their admirer by flexing her shapely little feet.

After relinquishing their clothing, Adira and Vanna sat next to each other on the floor in front of the couch, once again snugly bound and tape- gagged. At first, the nude scholars undulated slowly so that the bondage- loving dean could appreciate their rope-framed breasts and stretched out their legs to display arched feet. Growing more vibrant, they twisted on the carpet until they sat back-to-back, kicked up their legs, then rolled onto their sides. Lying face-to-face, Vanna and Adira murmured happily to each other, their naked bodies only inches apart.

The two consensual captives returned to clothing, with Adira in a tight top and shorts, while Vanna rocked a short yellow dress. Gagged with white tape and coiled with familiar ropework, they balanced carefully on strappy, high-heeled sandals during their expressions of playful distress. Naughty Vanna took their performance to another level by turning around, raising her dress with bound hands, then twerking her bare bottom, to which Adira responded with friendly swats! After they lost their shoes, the barefoot girls curled up on the floor until the dean's helpful associate removed their gags and encouraged Vanna and Adira to worship each other's bare feet, a task they performed admirably considering their restrictive handicap.

Back to bare skin for the bondage volunteers, who sat tethered separately to the legs of a wooden coffee-table. Although the cleave-gagged couple's legs were hobbled, they leaned in close so that they could murmur face-to-face and happily press their breasts together. Adira then managed to communicate her desire for a daring change of position that left her hogtied on the table, her hair linked to bare toes by a thin cord. Both she and Vanna, who'd been moved to the floor and hitched to the table, had their gags switched to duct-tape; while her little friend curled up below her, the adventurous blonde arched with amazing energy.

Bedtime for Vanna and Adira but nothing at all sleepy about the naked twosome's zestful interaction. Lips sealed with white tape, they were tied hand and foot and lay facedown on a white comforter while tugging against ropes linking their ankles separately to a pair of bedposts. Although they first rolled onto their sides to reach a back-to-back position, Adira and Vanna of course concluded their arousing performance by swinging their bodies into bare-breasted proximity while still raising their arched bare feet into the air. We're not sure where their future studies will lead but these literate young ladies deserve an A+ for this examination of their skills. 

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