Restrictive Eviction Procedures

Release Date: Sep.16.2019
Running Time: 0:53:28
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Savannah Sixx, Diana Grace

Savannah Sixx and Diana Grace were in the midst of a long lease when their landlord offered them a generous amount to leave the home they were renting. He'd received an even more generous offer to sell the house so was eager to be rid of the renters, but the housemates were happy with their situation and courteously turned down the substantial amount of money they could have received. If the landlord hadn't been desperate to make the sale, life could have continued normally for the two friends; instead he turned to a shady character who specialized in eviction procedures far outside the law. Thus a few days after her conversation with the landlord, Savannah was trapped in her bedroom by an intruder who claimed to be a fugitive in need of a safe haven. Dazed by the disruption, the busty little brunette sat tied on her bed in a short blue dress and mumbled nervously as she chewed on a white cloth gag. When he discovered her trying to slip off the bed, Savannah's unwelcome guest added a rope link that left the barefoot girl straining awkwardly on her side.

Already weary from a hard day's work, Diana returned home to the shocking sight of stranger, who casually informed her that Savannah was tied up and gagged in the bedroom! The wide-eyed secretary received similar treatment and soon sat on the couch, her tight red top compressed by rope, her crossed ankles bound and her lush lips spread by a knotted black gag. Although Diana squirmed cautiously at first, she managed to wedge off her heels and swing her legs onto the floor before the vigilant schemer intervened. Seated against the couch, Diana was folded onto her hip by a sturdy tether that brought her bare feet inches away from her bottom and minimized any chance of freeing herself.

The mysterious invader kept his promise to bring the housemates together after Diana was transferred to a wooden chair, where she sat bound in a transparent pink negligee and gagged with cloth and duct- tape applied by the black-gloved evildoer. Relieved at first to see Savannah, who was free of rope, the helpless girl was stunned when her friend was ordered to provide entertainment by fondling Diana's breasts! Savannah had no choice but to reluctantly obey; after what felt like hours of humiliation to Diana, she left to prepare a meal for the hungry fugitive while her bare- breasted friend struggled alone. Savannah also sat chair-bound soon after she returned, then was silenced with cloth and tape; the gagged and trussed friends twisted in rope and murmured anxiously until their jovial oppressor proclaimed that turnabout was fair play. Once her tight crop-top was lowered, Savannah's impressive rope-framed breasts were caressed by Diana, who'd been released to perform other household chores for their guest. Left alone in her turn, Savannah strained against the bonds trapping her while fervently hoping that their ordeal would soon be over.

No such luck for the attractive leaseholders, who were being ruthlessly manipulated by a greedy homeowner and a clever man without a conscience. Still controlled by the self-described fugitive, Diana and Savannah sat on the floor, backs against their new couch; both of their naked bodies were webbed with rope that pinned their arms behind them and their legs together. Microfoam tape-gags muffled their voices but didn't entirely prevent them from communicating; while their captor took a break from his strenuous villainy, they swung back-to-back and plucked at each other's knotted wrists. It wasn't long, though, before their predictable initiative was interrupted; Savannah was raised onto the couch, where she lay on her stomach while battling against the rope linking her ankles and chest-halter, while Diana remained on the floor, her legs hobbled by a waist-ankle tether.

Neither could tell how many hours had passed since the man with the counterfeit smile had turned their lives upside down. Still naked, they stood side-by-side against the wall, their breasts framed by rope that had almost become a second skin and their lips sealed by dark tape. Searching for consolation, Savannah and Diana turned cautiously on their bare feet until their chests touched, a tableau that amused the man on the run. Their spirits rose when he told them it was time for him to exit because the pressure was off; assuring them that he didn't want to leave his new friends in such a vulnerable position, he moved Diana and Savannah back on the couch, where they knelt face-to- face. When they were finally relieved of his despicable presence, they moved carefully on their knees until Savannah edged off the couch and hopped away, followed by Diana. Sadly, one of the first calls Savannah made after freeing herself was to the homeowner, accepting his offer to end the lease.

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