The Next Great Escape Artist?

Release Date: Oct.21.2019
Running Time: 0:31:35
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Winter Jade, Izzy Lush

"What an opportunity!" enthused their agent. A Vegas show paying $5000 a week for a sexy escape artist, so either Winter Jade or Izzy Lush would be getting a big career boost. Only one of them, however, so the agent prepared a competition that would test their escapist skills; once they sat tightly bound on the floor, he stuffed cloth in their mouths and added duct- tape to craft a gag. Petite Winter and sinuous Izzy watched each other carefully as they strained urgently against the ropes confining them, aware that only one could win the contest. Twisting onto their hips, then rolling onto their sides, the bound and gagged rivals both exerted impressive energy but failed to burst free of their frustrating restraint.

The agent wasn't about to lose his 10% of the lucrative deal and his clients still had dollar signs in their eyes, so they all agreed to a second escapist audition. To simplify their encounter with rope, Winter and Izzy were tied up naked, then sat on chairs and faced each other across a small wooden table. Gagged with microfoam tape, the competitive pair at first concentrated on undoing their own knots but soon leaned over the table to direct angry mumbles against the opposition and trade barefoot kicks under it. After their chairs were rotated away from the table, Izzy and Winter spent more time concentrating on escaping from their rope webs, a task that once again proved beyond their abilities.

The agent was annoyed by his clients' failures to demonstrate the profitable skills he'd expected, so he placed them in a more difficult situation. Sitting back-to-back on a narrow wooden coffee- table, Winter and Izzy struggled cautiously until they were curled up close together, where the nude girls murmured cooperatively through tape-gags. They were tired of failing, so decided to end the project by untying each other. When the agent caught them tugging at resistant wrist-bonds, however, he angrily ended their maneuvers with hogties that left the hapless nudes squirming on their stomachs.

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