Sexy Strugglers In The House Of Bondage

Release Date: May.29.2017
Running Time: 0:49:11
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Penny Pax, Giselle Palmer, Ivy Wolfe, Kenzie Kai, Alice Goods, Jenna Sativa

The uneven contest begins as cute little redhead Penny Pax is pursued and seized by dominant beauty Giselle Palmer! Soon, petite Penny stands barefoot and bound in the clutches of the lovely and lustful Giselle, who minimizes the protests of her squirming prey with a ball- gag! Towering over the whimpering Penny, Giselle calmly proceeds with her ruthless scheme by baring and fondling the smaller girl's breasts, then tugging down her panties for some playful pussy exposure! Her desires temporarily satiated, Giselle sticks Penny in a closet to await further domination -- but the arrogant beauty's in for a shock!

It's a stunning reversal of power relations for Giselle, who now sits bound on the floor in her long black dress and mouths the ball-gag she used on Penny! Her glasses give Penny a scholarly appearance, but she vibrates with vengeful energy as she kneels next to the apprehensive Giselle, then exposes her breasts for an interval of nipple-squeezing payback! Gorgeous Giselle moans in wide- eyed disbelief at her humiliation by the gleeful Penny before squealing when the redhead's active fingers tantalize her bare soles! When Penny's extracted sufficient revenge, she abandons Giselle, who's unable to free herself as she writhes in embarrassment!

Slender and vivacious, Ivy Wolfe plays a perfect naughty cheerleader costumed in a skimpy, multicolored top and skirt! Tape-gagged Ivy stands tethered to a stair-railing and balances on her sneakers as she twists and turns in the ropework that inhibits her energetic contortions. Humiliation is added to restraint when Ivy's breasts are bared and her skirt's pulled down to reveal her pantieless state!

Kenzie Kai is a petite sprite, while Alice Goods is tall and buxom but they have one crucial problem in common -- both Kenzie and Alice have been stripped to their bras and panties, then roped next to each other in armless chairs and gagged with microfoam tape! Vigorous resistance to their bondage brings the anxious pair no closer to escape and they're powerless to prevent their bras from being rearranged to reveal breasts that are perky (Kenzie) and ample (Alice)!

Adorable in her embroidered blue blouse and filmy white panties, Jenna Sativa writhes in ropework that overpowers her small body and murmurs anxiously through the knotted white cleave tied between her lips! Jenna's strenuous struggling rolls the feisty little brunette onto her stomach, where her curvy bottom and sculpted bare soles wriggle prominently! The mysterious character controlling Jenna emphasizes her subjugation by folding her into a fireplace, where she continues to resist restraint that won't loosen its hold!

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