A Case Study On Handling Pretty Inept Burglars

Release Date: Nov.12.2018
Running Time: 0:46:10
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Blair Williams

When the homeowner caught buxom burglar Blair Williams trying to break into his house through the back door, he responded as any responsible citizen would by teaching Blair a stringent bondage lesson! After she was deprived of her long dress and tied up naked, the remorseful thief begged for release, but received a mouthful of cloth and a tight cleave-gag instead. First struggling on a couch, Blair then slipped onto the floor, where she continued to frantically battle her ropework. When she managed to stand, however, the vigilant man emphasized his control with some friendly breast-fondling!

The righteous homeowner generously allowed the unhappy thief to cover her nudity with a miniscule top and short skirt before she was tightly bound and tethered to a chair; Blair's protests were answered with mouth- stuffing and tape. As she twisted in rope, Blair slipped the sandals off her bare feet but the top's removal came at her mentor's hands, which then roamed freely over those impressive breasts!

Back to nudity for Blair, whose voluptuous body was once again mastered with bonds that rendered her powerless as she lay on a bed. Lying next to Blair, her host admonished her to abandon the life of crime that had brought her into such a precarious position; his advice was punctuated by casual nipple-stroking. When he left, the astonished young woman rolled about energetically and raised her legs high in the air, but when she tried to slide off the bed, the sharp-eyed man was there to collect her!

Concerned that Blair hadn't recognized the seriousness of her crime, her zealous mentor moved the location of her instruction from the soft bed to a hard wooden table. There she lay hogtied and futilely attempted to reason with a man whose lack of interest in listening was emphasized by the tape with which he sealed her lips. While Blair squirmed on her stomach and murmured in dismay, he calmly pinned her big toes together with string, then relaxed by watching the curvaceous nude arch with amazing flexibility! Turned onto her side, Blair once again listened to reformist exhortations accompanied by manual explorations of her breasts!

Blair was relieved to be wearing the long red dress in which she'd begun her ill-fated attempt at burglary, but much less pleased with the rope web securing her to a wooden post on the patio. Standing apprehensively against the post, Blair tasted cloth and winced at the sticky sensation of tape against her lips as she was gagged, then felt familiar fingers sliding under the top of her dress to renew their acquaintance with her breasts. Left alone, she strained with renewed energy against the maddening ropework and raised up on sandalled bare feet, feet that would soon feel the annoying sensation of tickling fingers! When a policeman appeared, Blair was eager to be taken into custody -- but sometimes the law works in mysterious ways. 

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